Letter from Hope: The Miller’s Daughter feedback

It's always nice to get letters...

It’s always nice to get letters…

Big thanks to our fan Hope for writing in this detailed letter that unfortunately was a little to long for the show. Check out the full letter below, and we’ll add our thoughts and responses as soon as we get  a chance.

Hi guys!


Instantly I liked this episode but the more I thought about it, I had some thoughts come up. It wasn’t my favorite of the season, but I still liked it. It’s hard to top Manhattan and The Doctor which are my favorites so far this season.


First about the website Get Glue. If you’re not familiar with this site, you can check in during your favorite shows and earn stickers. Sometimes before a show or movie comes out, they’ll release promo stickers or previews for the stickers. The ABC promo last week for this episode said that someone was going to die, but the list was about every main character involved. But over the weekend when I was checking out what the Get Glue sticker for this week’s ONCE would be, I noticed there were two. They both said “who will die?” and it was only Cora and Rumpel. Since these are released by ABC, I realized that it would only be one of these two. To me that was a spoiler that was given out too soon.


Don’t forget the promo department completely spoiled Dr. Whale being Victor leaving David Anders pissed off so this isn’t the first time they’ve slipped up.


About Cora and Eva and the whole social structure of this land: I was trying to figure out how both Eva and Cora were princesses. We know from The Queen is Dead, that Eva’s family has been ruling for generations because of her line to Snow about the tiara and how it belonged to her mother, her mother’s mother, etc. But in this, Cora becomes a princess too. My thought on this whole thing is there’s a sort of feudal structure set up. For example, Snow and Charming are the King and Queen of everything. But we know from Cinderella and Thomas, they’re a prince and princess too. I think they’re in charge of a certain district or area but still report under Charming and Snow. Same with Cora and Eva. I think Eva marries Leopold, and they’re in charge of the entire land. But Cora and Henry are in charge of a district under them. She even said she’s fifth in line for the throne. I think she was talking about Eva’s throne. And we sort of see there are different (I guess you call them) nationalities in the kingdom. Prince Henry and his father had almost a Spanish like accent, while in another place we saw Mulan’s city which was oriental. But it’s all in the same land, because it was all affected by the curse.


I sympathized with Cora for about 2.3 seconds until it just grossed me out. We know what she becomes. I feel like Rumpel and young Cora should have been hot, but I just felt so uncomfortable then entire time watching them together. Though, I did find it interesting that sometimes when Rumpel talked to Young Cora, he used his Mr. Gold voice. It didn’t have the squeaking imp voice.


We see that Rumpel isn’t Regina’s father… sort of. If the King knows about Cora’s imp man, then I’m sure they weren’t too subtle. I think there’s still a small chance Rumpel could be Regina’s father, but it’s more than likely Henry. And there’s always the chance that Cora is lying to Rumpel about Regina’s parentage.


I actually thought they were going to kill Regina based off of next week’s episode. Since next week is about her adopting Henry and they first week of the curse, it’s very common to kill a character and then in the next episode, give them back story to make you miss them. But I’m happy they killed Cora, because as much as I really enjoyed hating her, I think she was the best person to go. Rumpel has so many ties that I would have been dumbfounded if he left. The Charmings and Emma are the good guys so they can’t kick the bucket. That left Regina, Cora, and Neal. I half thought Neal was likely because he might sacrifice himself for Rumpel (not likely) or Emma and Henry (more likely). But I’m not surprised that Cora’s gone. Though, I bet she somehow has a trump card to come back. Rumpel didn’t have any way really to cheat death. Cora had the candle. Yes, it was in Rumpel’s care, but we don’t know the origin of the candle. Thus far, it looks like Cora had the only way to somewhat control death. But out of everyone, she was my least favorite in the main cast so I’m not crying. I had many celebratory gifs going on in my reaction. I also didn’t see her lasting past season two. I think it would have drawn out her story too much. Unlike Hook where they have the option to world hop and go to Neverland, what would have Cora done if she became all powerful? Take over the world? Go back to Neverland? I think any option with her invading our world or other worlds would have watered her down.


I was wondering if the heart Snow found was actually Cora’s. It makes me wonder why Regina had her mother’s heart in her care. Was it given to her?

The other point is I was wondering if that was someone else heart initially. I half expected Snow to get the wrong heart and killed some innocent person. I think that would have had a much stronger impact on her. Magic comes with a price and sometimes it’s innocent people. That was also what she was trying to avoid in the first place: innocent people dying.


I know the Charmings were aware that Neal was coming with Emma to Storybrooke, but there was no introduction between Neal and Emma’s parents. They’re all family through Henry. It wouldn’t kill them to have a quick, “Hey, I’m Neal. I’m Henry’s dad.” But I was also really, really holding out for David punching Neal for sticking Emma in jail and then they bond like men.


We know that Cora ripped out her own heart, but I was wondering if she eventually ripped out the heart of the king. She ripped out so many hearts it was hard to keep track. But then, she could control him and manipulate her way to the top and into places she couldn’t get before.


I know they don’t have a ginormous budget like a movie, but I’m a bit tired of the lackluster fight choreography. It was okay in season one, the fight between Hook and Rumpel was awesome, in the Lancelot episode when David took out the soldiers was good, but lately it hasn’t been great to me. Josh Dallas is amazing with a sword as we see in Thor. But he’s always thrown out the first few moments. And even when he gets some swings in, it doesn’t look fluid. All the force throws are just too much. I love Star Wars. It’s one of my favorites, but the force pushes are just blah now.


Emma’s face when she used magic read like she had just got her fix. I hope we see her go down a darker path like Rumpel and Regina becoming addicted to magic.


The conversation with Belle and Rumpel I think will be the beginning to getting her memories because maybe she will start falling for him which will work to true love’s kiss.


I love that Cora learned the “Love is weakness” line from the King. I always thought it would be from Rumpel. I adore she loved how to be a ruler from someone she hated.


In the scene where Snow is looking for Cora’s heart in the vault, wasn’t all the hearts in the wall previously? I want to know why everything is packed up. Were Cora and Regina going to leave town after they completed their mission?


This is a side note that doesn’t relate to this episode, but I was thinking about how Hook got to New York and found them so quickly. Wouldn’t he use the compass that brought him and Cora through the portal? It leads you to the object you desire, right? And we haven’t seen Cora with it since so we can assume that Hook still has it.


Love the show! Can’t wait to hear the full episode recaps!


Hope Mullinax

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