Letter from Hope: Lacey Feedback

On occasion we get letters from our fans that might be too long to address in the podcast without devoting a whole episode but they are usually filled with great theories, commentary, and insight so we publish them here on the site. Hope has had a letter published on the site before, and we always hear from her on Twitter whether we are talking ONCE or the latest episode of Doctor Who. Thanks to Hope for writing in again! We always look forward to it. Look below for Hope’s full letter.

Can I get a hallelujah that ONCE is back!? (Editor’s Note: HALLELUJAH!) Geez, this hiatus was a killer. I didn’t get into ONCE until season two, so I haven’t dealt with the hiatuses. During the winter one, at least we had the holidays to distract us. I don’t know what I’m going to do over the summer. It’s going to be rough. And I’m interested to see the schedule for the Wonderland spinoff. We’re going to have to deal with the Winter Olympics next year.

Enough about that, time to talk about Lacey. I loved this episode. I’m happy to see the Belle storyline finally moving forward. The Rumbellers have been patient long enough. I really like Lacey. She gave energy to the show that hasn’t been there in the last few episodes. In a way, she reminds me of Milah. She’s a woman hitting up pubs and chatting with guys. It gives a nice foil to Hook and Rumpel with their ladies. I was seeing people griping about Regina giving Belle her Lacey memories, but I didn’t mind. For one, I really liked Lacey. But I also felt like it helped drive the Belle story forward. And it was the fair thing to do. Instead of having her flounder about trying to know who she is, at least as Lacey she has that direction she was missing in her life.

The way Lacey was attracted to Gold at the end when he beat the Sheriff with the cane made me think that they would make an awesome pair of evil rulers. Who says that Regina is going to be the only evil queen? The path that Lacey is on might decide how Rumpel turns out. Her darker side might make Rumpel fall back into his old evil ways. Or it could make him strive to be a better person to try and save her. I would prefer the first option with them both acting dark and evil for a while. Maybe Henry will defy the prophecy and end up saving them in the end? I’ve been toying with this idea that Emma is not the only savior. She might have been the savior for the curse of Storybrooke. But what if there are other saviors for other problems that arise? I think Henry could be the next batch. Instead of being Rumpel’s undoing, he’s actually going to save him.

I didn’t respond to Robin Hood as much as I responded to the Sheriff of Nottingham. They spent so much time focusing on him in the promos, but we didn’t learn anything about his character really. We know he stole the wand to save Maid Marian, but that’s it. We can assume he’s a good guy based on that. From the Sheriff, I felt more sympathy for him. He’s this guy whose life has been destroyed by Robin. Sure, he made some sucky choices like wanting to sleep with Belle. But in Storybrooke, he was only in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered for it. If anything, Lacey should have been the one who got a talking to. She was the one who stood up Gold, found the Sheriff, chose not to tell him she was already on a date, and made out with the guy. But because she was the love interest, she is completely spared of Gold’s wrath.

I have to wonder who the bartender is. They don’t bring in characters for no good reason. Look at Billy. He was the guy at the auto shop and ended up playing a bigger role (albeit a dead one but hey it was more than where he started).

I might just be a big fan of his, but I was really hoping to see Dr. Whale in this episode. I know that David Anders wants to do more with the show and loves his character. From set pictures in a future episode, Whale is talking to Lacey and Gold intervenes. David tweeted that filming left him on his knees. I wish they would delve into the minor characters more. It works in season one where Dr. Whale is hitting on a pretty girl. But I feel now, Victor is more developed than that. He has other agendas like getting back to Gerhardt. I want to know more about Jefferson, Victor, and the other world hoppers and how they got to Storybrooke to be explained or developed.

They already have so many characters that have stories within them to be told. Did Archie have a love interest? Was it a beautiful butterfly? What happened in the fall out between Granny and Ruby’s mother? Where is Victor’s mother? A lot of characters have mommy issues. Were there more meetings between August and Neal? How did Henry get to Storybrooke? Can we please learn more about the Blue Fairy? The fandom is split whether or not she’s evil. What about Killian’s backstory? How did he fall into his pirate ways? I have a lovely theory about that here. Where are Mulan and Aurora? Is Lancelot even dead? How did Victor and Jefferson get to Storybrooke from other worlds? Does Leroy and Nova get back together? Can we have some backstory on the other dwarves? There are so many stories already that need to be told that it’s a waste in my eyes to bring in new characters. Look at Lancelot. In the promos leading up to season one, they were using his character, like Robin Hood’s in this episode, to generate hype. Then he was a one off character never to be seen again. That’s crap. I’m sorry, but that’s hard for fans. What if someone loved that actor and waiting patiently for them to return? Or that person became their favorite character in one episode? It can happen. Dr. Whale was never on my radar until The Doctor. Now I’ve actively went back and rewatched season one as a Whale Watcher and cannot get enough of him and Jefferson. Though, I might be biased, because Mad Whale is my favorite couple. I can’t get into the whole Frankenwolf thing.

Regina was amazing in this episode. I’m happy to see her get back to work, be Mayor Mills, and sass everyone left and right.  I would actually love to see her playing the Mayor card to help fly under the radar. If she goes around fixing things in town, people might perceive her as being a changed woman. She could gain trust to make it easier to bypass the good guys. Then, she could surprise them in good Evil Queen fashion. Also, I don’t think Regina wants to leave Storybrooke. Even though she’s not in charge anymore, this is where she’s made a life and home for herself. This was the curse she cast. I think she’s fully aware that this is where she needs to be. When Regina found the beans, I feel like there was a touch a fear of being left behind.

Robert Carlyle needs an Emmy for ONCE. His acting in this episode was astounding! One minute I felt so bad for Gold, and the next I was screaming at Rumpel to not shoot Robin. He was so unlikable and scary as Rumpel! It was great to see that he’s not always good to Belle. I feel like Rumpel gets away with his transgressions more that Regina, because he has a love interest. I think she gets more flak from fans when both characters have done just as much evil. It’s great to see Rumpel diving into evil deeds.

Regina and Gold need more scenes together. They have amazing chemistry. I also loved the bench scene with Emma and Regina. It amazes me how well Regina knows Emma. She could tell right away that Emma was lying. They make the best adversaries. Emma and Regina bring out the best and worse in each other. Also, I think Emma feels similarly about Neal around as Regina does. Both are unsure about this guy who’s suddenly appeared spending so much time with their son.

Nothing disappointed me more than the line about August stealing the money. We don’t actually know what happened to the money. The line came from Neal who is probably assuming it was stolen. But before we slam August for stealing, I want to know the official truth (mainly because I’ve always loved August and rooted for him. Wooden Swan forever!). He could have lost it somehow or it was stolen from him. Once again, August being turned into a child leaves several loose ends and never going to happen conversations between him with Emma and Neal.

Oh, look at our muggles Tamara and Greg. I still think that she’s playing Greg. I think Greg only wants to find his father, and Tamara is tricking him into helping her. I don’t believe that she’s letting him in on the entire story. I also think there something going on with the military. In Welcome the Storybrooke, he tells Regina that he’s from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In that town is a military college that “caters to high-level military personnel and civilians and prepares them for strategic leadership responsibilities.” (Thanks Wikipedia). I think that Tamara went to school there or works for the government. It would make sense then that she has a super-taser that kills magical beings. My theory is she met Greg similar to the episode of Doctor WhoLove and Monsters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg made shout outs on the internet about magic looking for anyone to help and stumbled upon Tamara. She then saw an opportunity to take advantage of his search for his father for government research.

David and Gold together are genius. They’re hilarious! The entire scene with David as Gold’s wingman made me smile. Though, I was hoping that Lacey would hit on Charming. David would be so awkward while Gold seethed in the background. I wanted some line of Lacey taking about how she could ruin Charming in one night. Also, David has traded in his pet vet rescue van for a dwarf charter service.

I don’t like that Snow now wants to leave. I loved the internal conflict between her and David. For once, it felt like they were a realistic couple having internal conflicts with each other. Which is something that doesn’t happen too much with the Charmings. Now that Snow wants to leave, it feels like she’s given all direction over to Charming. Where’s that strong Snow we all love so much? Even when she was troubled in the aftermath of her actions to Cora, she at least still controlled her own direction.

Didn’t it take a century for the magic beans to grow in the Enchanted Forest? I’m just saying.

The Creepy Nurse is back! I do not know what is going on with this nurse. I feel like she’s someone important. She constantly worked with Regina to keep Belle in the asylum, she kept Belle sedated, and she lurks constantly. There has to something bigger with her.

Granny wins all of the awards. That is all.

Gold owing David a favor is going to play into something big. Emma owing Gold led to Baelfire’s return. Having one of the most powerful characters on the show with an I.O.U. could swing considerable favors towards the good guys. Maybe it will lead to Gold sparing Henry? But also keep in mind, Rumpel has broken deals before. I wouldn’t put it past him to go back on his word.

Maid Marian is pregnant, and Rumpel let Robin get away. We know that a child will be his undoing. What if it’s Robin’s child that comes back for Rumpel? Eddie and Adam are big trolls. Maybe they want us to think its Henry.

Regina finding the beans and destroying their cloaking barrier could potentially be a detrimental act. Not only could she destroy the beans, Greg and Tamara can now find them. I do hope Regina destroys them. I really don’t want them to leave Storybrooke for a long period of time. I’m all for world hopping, but Storybrooke is the heart of this narrative. It’s become their home where, like Ruby said, they all received second chances for better lives.

I questioned some of the editing choices in this episode. It was jarring at times. We went from a lovely Rumpel and Belle scene in the library which cut straight to Gold beating the Sheriff. In my eyes it threw off the pacing and destroyed the moment of the scene before.

I might have banshee screamed in excitement when Hook came at the end. I believe that Hook will work temporarily with Greg and Tamara. He’ll gain their trust to get the tools he needs to kill Rumpel. But in good pirate fashion, he’ll stab them in the back. In Tiny, I think Snow called it when she said that Hook goes with the wind and it’s gusting towards the good guys. I’m not saying that Hook will convert to good anytime soon. But he will seek their help. Not to mention I still think that Hook is Jefferson’s father. If the Charmings and Emma doesn’t make him change, other family might.

This was my reaction to the episode:


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