Letter from Giennie: Comments on Rumplenogoldskin Podcast

Occasionally fans of Greetings from Storybrooke write in with reactions not only to the most recent episode of ONCE, but to our episode covering it. Unfortunatly it’s hard to get to these in the show itself since we usually have a stack of fan reactions for the latest episode so we like to feature/respond here. We got a couple this week. Bill will handle the first, Anne Marie will handle the second. Take it away, Giennie!


Hello Bill and Anne Marie!

Just listened to your podcast (which I would give 10,000 fairy dust grains) and had a few things to add into it.

First was my choice for favorite quote of the episode. Right when Emma is giving her big dramatic speech about working together and how they don’t have to like each other to do it, Hook quips in “Well, I fancy you from time to time…when you aren’t yelling at me.” I laughed so hard I cried at that one.

They are totally an item. 🙂 – Bill

I am really enjoying how they are developing Hook. He actually is reminding me of a Han Solo figure at this point. He is a scoundrel and a sasser, but his heart is in the right place. His chemistry with Emma also seems a bit more dynamic than her’s with Neal’s so I am finding myself leaning a little more toward him being with Emma. Yes, blasphemous I am sure of, but it only shows they are doing a good job setting up the love triangle to come. (my prediction)

Hook definitely seems to be the villain with the least “evil” in him for sure. He’s basically motivated by revenge and has already decided he doesn’t care anymore. The main cast have given him a purpose now though, and he seems to be happy to join them.

Another thing I have been pondering is why were the mermaids so mean? I just feel there had to be a reason behind it. I am thinking that maybe there were being that way because they were trying to keep our merry band of rescuers from getting to Neverland. Remember that in the story of Peter Pan, the mermaids were quite fond of him so it wouldn’t be a big stretch to assume that maybe Peter knew Emma and co. were coming and had the mermaids try to stop them. Don’t you think?

Like I mentioned in the podcast the old sea legends of mermaids portrayed them as being antagonistic. Rarely pretty, often vicious. I definitely think they are working with Pan.

With Greg and Tamara it strikes me that they believed they were talking with the Home Office but it was all actually a game. Neverlands magic is based on belief so maybe since they were convinced to believe in it, it was true ( for awhile). Almost like an illusion. If you get were I am going.

And yes, I did not feel sorry for Tamara’s demise ( Who could expect anything less from Rumple?) but I would actually like to see something still happen with Greg. After all his original motivation was just getting his dad back and it twisted him up, I would like to see his story play out a little longer.

I know. On the surface it feels like him and his dad are both dead but it felt like they were setting more up for him. According to Adam Horwitz it doesn’t look likely though.

OK, thanks for letting me say something and looking forward to all of Season 3, your podcasts and your funny lyrics.


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