Letter From Dania: Captain Swan

Occasionally fans of Greetings from Storybrooke write in with reactions not only to the most recent episode of ONCE, but to our episode covering it. Unfortunatly it’s hard to get to these in the show itself since we usually have a stack of fan reactions for the latest episode so we like to feature/respond here. We got a few this week. Bill did the first one, Anne Marie will handle the second. Take it away, Dania!


Hi Bill and Ann-Marie,
I’m from Germany and have listened to your podcast since the beginning. I never wrote in before, because my english isn’t that good. But now I wanted to let you know that I’m listening to your Podcast and always am very happy when I see a new episode pop up.
You really do a good Job: I like to hear your opinions on the Show and I love you two together. You’re hilarious and I love listen to you. 🙂
The poem was great again this episode I gotta say. 🙂

Why THANK YOU!! The way to my heart is through flattery 😉 I am just happy that people listen to our show! I’ve never podcasted before! – AM

And I’m on Team Bill (booo) in regards of Neal/Mulan and Emma/Hook – and not just because I’m a Captain Swan-Shipper from the get-go, but also because I actually liked the chemistry between Neal and Mulan. I think, like Bill, that there’s too much history there with Emma and Neal and it would totally be out of character for Emma to get back together with Neal. On the other hand I’m quite sure that the actress who plays Mulan is busy in another show, sooo… probably no Nealan. ☹

I wouldn’t write Jamie Chung off for bring back Mulan fairly regularly! While I don’t think that she will become one of the main cast (noooooo Nealan!) many of her projects are in post-production and her tv show is a midseason replacement not scheduled to air until after the 2014 Olympics! I feel her character has a lot more story to tell.

And I totally agree with you guys: How good is Robbie Kay??? He’s a great great Peter Pan!


The doll: It seemed to me that it’s something from Rumples childhood, I’m almost certain we’ll see some kind of story there. And speaking of Rumple: Rumplenogold – You are great! 🙂 I was laughing out loud when I heard this.

There’s so much more in my head right now concerning the episode but I’m gonna call it a quit – but: I wanna see more mermaids!!! 🙂 Love them evil.

I CANNOT wait to find out the story about the doll!! And there will be more mermaids…but Ariel HAS to be a good one or it will spoil memories or my childhood!

I’m already looking forward to your next Episode,

Dania from Germany


Thanks so much for writing in, Dania!! This is fun! If anyone else wants to write in send your letters to greetingsfromstorybrooke@gmail.com!


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