Letters: White Out

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “White Out”. There’s criticisms of Anna’s fighting skills, some background on Bo Peep, and lamenting of the way Oz played out. Let’s start with Elizabeth, who doesn’t like Charming’s new (old) hair:

So I ran into Charming at Whole foods...

So I ran into Charming at Whole foods…



I don’t know if its just me, but I want someone on the show to recognize that Henry is a teenager now and not a little boy anymore. Someone needs to say it! I just needed to get that off my chest. Anyways, I loved Snow’s storyline this week and how she told Grumpy, Happy, and Granny to “Go buy a flashlight!” That was hilarious. Don’t mess with Mama Snow who hasn’t had enough sleep.
I didn’t really enjoy David’s storyline this week. First off, since when is he a brunette? Anyone? He’s a blonde! So what’s with the bad brunette wig??? Not a good look for him. Second off, I just never imagined that Ana would be the one to teach Charming how to use a sword. I thought the explanation for how she knew how to swordfight was weak. I don’t mean to sound sexist against woman folk cause we can do anything, I just didn’t agree with the how Charming became Charming story.

Random thoughts: I do think that Emma and Elsa are at the beginnings of what’s going to be a beautiful friendship and I loved how Hook was pretty much panicking trying to get Emma out of the ice cave. He loves her so much. It’s adorable! My last thought is that I really liked how Henry demanded to see Regina and told her that he was going to keep coming everyday until she opened the door. Way to be persistent kid!

In total, I give this episode 34 out of 56 flashlights. Enjoyed the episode for the most part. Enjoy the rest of your week Bill and Anne Marie!




Hi Bill and Anne Marie!

Really loved this episode.
“Stop saying letters… Buy a flashlight!!”
“What about Dr. Whale?” “He’s a doctor not an electrician”
“I love sandwiches!”

I love that this episode gives a little explanation of David’s handling of a sword, although, Anna is apparently the best teacher ever to produce such quick results.

I wish the wizard would have been someone new, but I suppose with all the other new characters they didn’t want to overload.  I just expected Yensid, with the introduction of the hat last week.  Glad they didn’t wait too long for the reveal.

Really loved the Snow storyline, I wasn’t sure what they would do with her story now that the baby is here.

So excited for Elizabeth Mitchell!

How does David know Kristoph?  Will we get a Kristoph back story?

I give this episode 120 out of 125 flashlights. Loses points for Grumpy still not knowing who Whale was.

Nicole from slightly frozen Ohio. Brrr



Hi Bill and Anne Marie,
I am not as excited about this episode like I was about the season premier. Having Bo Peep being introduced here all felt somewhat strange, as if it didn’t quite flow with the story. This is what I found on Bo Peep.

Bo Peep history:
We all know that Bo Peep is a nursery rhyme.
Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
And doesn’t know where to find them;
Leave them alone, And they’ll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them.[1]

But did you you that back in the day to play Bo Peep meant a punishment being stood in a pillory? (Public punishment related to the stocks)

As for Anna’s storyline, it took me a second to realize where in the timeline Anna was in when she entered the Enchanted forest. Does this make sense? Does that mean she isn’t in Storybrooke?
I know Adam and Eddy were saying that the frozen characters were not going to be related to our current characters so linking Anna to David this way is good I guess.

I think the funniest part of the episode was Snow snap. Grumpy was just plain mean to her which I thought was uncalled for. But Snow and her new found mama brain and dealing with getting the electricity back was funny.

Last thing I want to mention is Henry. It is good to see his character develop but his hugs are still like an 11 year old and look really weird now.

Out of 10 lost necklaces I give it 6 as per the above mentioned reasons.

Other Annemarie


Hey Anne and Bill,  have I mention how much I love the word play of the episode titles? Well if not I do..lol.
It was rather interesting tonight what with Anna and Charming’s lovely flowing locks lol having some awesome buddy cop moments. As well as the Emma & Elsa bonding they both need a friend who understands where their coming from. Hey maybe they can go on a Quest to find Yen Sid to help train them like Luke and R2D2 did Yoda. 
hums ice ice baby I liked how Snow took charge and also she would make an awesome mayor I think so long as she has some of the B Team helps her out. ohhh Red go help your bestie. hehe There was defintly some good twists on ideas this week I think. 
‘Little Bo beep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them..indeed. I was kinda reminded of the tenth kingdom mini series. In that there’s some decendents of Bo Beep in one of the kingdoms and there kinda mean and controlling too. (mostly of the town’s wishing well and such but still.) 
Hmm Iooks like we’re getting a bit of the Original Snow Queen too. Takes I scream for Ice cream to a whole new meaning lol.   Lots of food related things this episode. Yum. On that note I wonder if she’s got Anna..I could see something with Chocolate as bait or something having gone down. cue the creepy ice cream truck/cart with music  O O eeep. talk about major Brain freeze. Someone who didn’t have one though was Henry..way to go you tell Regina Henry! you tell her how it is.
And on that note I give this episode 8 sheep out of a herd of ten. Writers go find the Lost three.

XD rimshot  cheers and hugs Ash.  

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