Letters: Unforgiven

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Unforgiven”. Elizabeth starts us off with some questions about Ursula and her tentacles, Stephanie thinks that Storybrooke is just looking for trouble, Aleana had so many Maleficent thoughts she wrote us 2 letters, and Hope has a theory about Anastasia (of OUAT:Wonderland fame). 

Whatcha got there, Henry?

Whatcha got there, Henry?

If Ursula can give Ariel legs, shouldn’t she be able to give herself legs? But then again, in the episode where she was a gold statuette, she had (EIGHT) tentacles and no legs. AND I THINK THE AUTHOR IS A WOMAN.

– Elizabeth Hur

Hi Anne Marie and Bill,

I am a huge once fan. I was in college when it premiered and watched it since the beginning. I have convinced a few friends to give it a chance and they love it too.
I started looking into podcasts a few months ago. I just found your once upon a time podcast last week and have already listened to a few episodes.  Before your podcast, I listened to afterbuzz tv. You guys should check out their podcast too. However, you go into more detail, which I like.
I wanted to know if you have any favorite episodes.  One of my favorite episodes is Manhattan. I love Henry and Rumples relationship. I think it’s going to play a big role this season. I think that Henry will be able to help Rumple through this tough time and maybe even make him reevaluate the actions he is taking. Another part of that episode I love is when charming can’t understand how Henry has two grandfathers.
I also feel like the pieces of the show came together great until the mid season finale of season 3 (when Rumple kills himself and Pan, and Regina gives Henry away).
Since then, the flashbacks don’t seem to fit as well and the story feels off. For example, how did snows father not recognize Cora when she was with Regina?  I still love the show, it’s just doesn’t flow as well as it did before. Do you know what I mean?
I feel like they should introduce characters before they become the evil villain, or at least mention them.
Also, who lets 3 villains into town?  They are just asking for trouble now.
I’ll be listening to your podcast Monday. Hopefully we get a good episode Sunday.

– Stephanie McCann

Part 1

Average. Some really great scenes but some real stinkers too.

I like Maleficent’s backstory but the way they’re laying it out is ridiculous. I knew she was having a child and I bet Emma childhood friend Lily is her daughter. I’m also not a fan of taking away the emotional significance of the cave scene from S3 and using it to bring Snow even further away from Emma. But in a really stupid way.

The Author storyline remains nonsensical but I liked the scenes that came out of it. Especially with Marco telling Regina off and then him giving her August stuff when he was adult. I’ve always liked Tony Amendola and I’m glad he got to bring it this week.

I suspect that I’m supposed to feel for Rumple in that last scene. Like he’s not stalking the wife that left him and that he abused in various ways.

This show’s obsession with purity in exactly the wrong way continues to be stupid. The cognitive dissonance just doesn’t make for good television. Maleficent basically revealed that Emma is…a human! Capable of both good and bad acts! WOW! And knowing the bad things Snow and Charming had done, even at that point makes their insistence at being heroes two dimensional. Will Emma really be that mad at them for doing everything they can to protect her from becoming a villian. (I miss the Snow and Charming of Snow Falls)

PS I still love this show

Part 2

My thing is why what they did in the past to protect her from becoming a villian will make her want to be one now and I still don’t see what they did to Maleficent that will have her lost her child all Snow did was said no I won’t join with you to stop Regina and I know in mind, they still technically have 9 months (maybe less) to do something awful. And Snow summed it up, Emma I’d opening up her heart. If she found out her parents lie and  did a evil deed, she would go tumbling down a dark path. I really don’t believe that.

-Aleana Harris

I thought of something…
I have a theory about what happened to Anastasia.

In Once: Wonderland, Anastasia was brought back to life by the water from the Well of Wonders. It would only work if it wasn’t her time to die. What if she was in a situation like Liam Jones (Hook’s brother) was in the Neverland arc? He was only healed by Neverland’s water while in that land. When he left, he died again.

What if it was Ana’s time or the water wore off and she died?

Can’t wait to hear the episode!

– Hope Mullinax

Okay, I’ll admit I don’t send stuff to the show as I don’t watch the episode until Monday and I can’t usually provide timely feedback; however I feel this point is important enough to make even a week late.

Rumple says the creature in the cave is A Churnabog. Not The Churnabog. So this isn’t the all evil villain from Fantasia, it’s a member of a species based off the Fantasia villain. (Also in Fantasia Churnabog has glowing yellow eyes, not red.)

I will be very disappointed if we don’t see another Churnabog this season.

– Jeff Peterson

I have to sadly say this was a very meh episode to me. Very slow paced and plodding. With that said… My 5 points

5. The reveal of what Snowing did to Maleficent- Im not sure of how i feel about this. I dont know whether to think its super dark or just plain silly. I do feel it was kind of a letdown for the build up, at least so far. Hopefully the more they reveal will make it better. I have issues with what they’re saying about Emma. So she’s basically any human, she has the potential to be good or bad, so does anyone else. And Snow saying if she turns dark, her child will be doomed to that darkness as well. Excuse me?! No child is ever doomed or forced to follow their parents mistakes. That is just ridiculous. Ok, ill get off the soapbox 

4. Maleficents resurrection- I felt the way this came about made since and was handled pretty well. Its still pretty convenient and easy that all they needed was her ashes and Snowings blood, but i suppose it is what it is. When she materialized there it was, genuinely scary and makes you worry for the charmings. 
Side note, im not digging her horns, as good a job Edwardo Castro usually does, these look cheaply made and leave alot to be desired. 

3. Belle and Will…. Wow Doctor, i did not see this coming. So Belle has definitely moved on, and I REALLY, REALLY want to know what happened to Anastasia now. It cant be good. 

2. Cruella- She continues to be absolutely Stellar. Her cunning wit and snark easily rivals Regina in my opinion. I love how she calls everyone Darling, sort of a, parallel to Rumples “Dearie”. Some highlights of her: wanting to turn Granny into a fur coat, she wears blood diamonds apparently and she likes charmings looks. Shes by far the best of the 3. Still waiting on Ursula to become interesting at all. I feel like i seem to say this about every new villain, but Cruella is already one of my favorite villains yet. Actually, just for fun, ill rate the villains
1. Cruella
2. Rumple 
3. Ingred
4. Pan
5. Cora
6. Zelena
7. Maleficent 
8. Ursula
(I don’t count Regina because shes no longer a villain but when she was shes obviously the best, and Greg and Tamara just sucked) 

1. Regina and Marco- this was easily my favorite part of an otherwise lackluster episode. Seeing Regina so vulnerable and apologizing like that was so amazing. Shes truly a hero, one of the good guys if you will. I know many fans miss the evil queen but i absolutely adore where she is now. Some of the best character development ive ever witnessed on screen. Marco Giving her August’s stuff was tear-worthy and very exciting!! Can’t wait to see all that was in that satchel 

HM-Regina reminiscing about her happiness with Robin was heart breaking. Robin needs to get his hands on that scroll and get back to town 

Overused term of the week: witches

Well, after a second watch and writing this feedback, i liked the episode more, but still not great. 7/10 chiseled chins

– Chris Tipton

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