Letters: The Snow Queen

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “The Snow Queen”. Chris is proud of Regina’s actions, Holly gushes over the Dairy Queen’s secret origin, and Cliva visits from Gotham. Let’s start with Rain, who speculates on future villains:

He's got the whole town in his hands...

He’s got the whole town in his hands…

Hi Bill and Anne Marie!
This week’s episode is good in general, but with some weak points.
We knew one more kind of love that can be magical: sisterly love. And it’s good to touch onto more of these because OUAT is a family show. I love the Mommy and Me scene because Ella and Aurora were there. We finally knew that Aurora’s child is a boy and is also named Philip. I hope their reappearance will give us the explanation on how Philip came back to life after his soul was sucked by the wraith. If Maleficent is set to comeback next half-season, I’M SO INTO IT! I’m still hungry of Aurora’s backstory.
Ingrid’s back story is sort of predictable. I like it, though; it is a valid back story for her actions right now. The only “off” thing is, how did she get the Snow Queen title if she wasn’t even a queen? I wish there were more elements from the original Snow Queen tale, because aside from the mirror and ice powers, she’s no Snow Queen.
Will appears to be the same Will before the White Rabbit fetched him to help Alice in the first episode of OUATIW.  I’m still holding the possibility that this season of ONCE happened before OUATIW. One thing I’m sure of: two heartbroken thieves make the most boring reunion ever.
If the writers are really planning to put Cruella de Vil in the show, I hope they don’t put her in the Enchanted Forest. Instead, they can set her story in Storybrooke when they were still in the first curse. Remember, Pongo is there! That will require her to have a fairytale counterpart which will be interesting.
I’m still excited for next week’s double episode! I hope the two hours will be jam-packed by more answers and not by more questions. Congratulations (in advance) for your 100th episode!



Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap what an episode!! Ingrid and her sisters were very cute together. Im glad Helga isnt related to anyone, or anyone we know (cough, cough bells mom). Once again we see someone go to Rumple and it ends badly. I really love how the progression of they’re story made sense, and the tragic end to it really makes me sympathize with Ingrid more. It kind of surprised me that Gerta trapped Ingrid in the urn, i thought they’re love was stronger than that, but I can see it, given the horrific circumstances. I found it fascinating how this was almost a fan fic of how frozen could have turned out!! Is it just me or did Helga look nothing like Emma… Did they forget that point? 

Now, outlaw queen… Holy snot im so proud of Regina. I feel like shes almost Snow levels of good now. She deserves Robins choice, but its still sort of jacked up of Robin… Today is not the day I follow my code!! Ok dude!! I suppose he can blame it on him being imbued with much dark liquor (credit for that goes to Daniel Lewis from ONCE podcast, i can’t take credit for his genius) 

Anyway, Emmas Lord of the Rings reference was genius! Aurora and her “devil box”, shes really getting acquainted with our technology!! We see Ashley for no reason for the first time in forever (sing it!!) They completely trolled us when Robin asked Will what happened to Anastasia and he just gave no answer at all, but troll of the week goes to Gold…tricking Henry with the magical potion of furniture polish, and black cat at that! 

Ingrid using Emmas jealously about her brother and uncertainty about her parents to set her powers off… Shes so wickedly twisted!! Even though i get her somewhat now, shes still coo-coo for cocoa puffs!! Her look when Emma blew out the wall was priceless!! She looked completely bat crap insane in that scene! Ive been saying all along she will become the best villain yet and I really feel vindicated after this episode. Elizabeth Mitchell is so talented!! Why does she want her ribbons back, what did she tell Rumple that he could have been so gleeful to have to do? Overall This was my favorite episode this year. 484 out of 512 Shattered sister’s



Hey Bill and Anne Marie
Great podcast, keep up it up for sure.  I actually started listening to you guys through your “Legends of Gotham” podcast which I am also liking.  I just finished watching seasons 1-3 on Netflix and now working on season 4.  I really like the show and maybe because I watched some many episode in a row I am finding both Charming and Show White’s characters becoming less and less interesting.  They are always on screen and they dont do much anymore in my opinion.  I also would like to see more different characters come back if only for minor interactions like Red or The Giant from the beanstock. I REALLY enjoy watching Regina and her storylines- Definalty my favorite character.  Anyway I dont want to take to much of your time so again great podcasts (Greetings from Storybrooke and Legends of Gotham) and keep it up.  Thanks


I have an question do anyone want to see a villain who just a villain I mean a villain who anti magic and not talking about because i and Tarmara someone who doesn’t like that the Charmings are running the town and letting Regina and Rumple run free after everything they done in the past and the villain neutralize everyone magic and they had to defeat the villain by sword fighting shooting arrows because i miss this part of the show also because I find it a bit stupid that Emma and David have guns in a magical town


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