Letters: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut letters for time. These are the ones for “Poor Unfortunate Soul”. Ash starts us off with dream analysis, Aleana has an interesting theory for the finale, Elizabeth is drinking the Haterade, and Stephanie thinks that Rumple knows that Regina is undercover! 

That's a different kind of bottle than Hook is used to!

That’s a different kind of bottle than Hook is used to!


Hey Anne and Bill

 whoa it was like Disney Reference Palooza tonight. lol.
Really liked some of the ‘takes’ on things and oh poor August..he ain’t got no visible strings..but there was some diffidently playing like a violin back and forth. I hope him and Archie, Pongo and the gang have a reunion soon. And I was haveing May Poppins flashback when he said..’the page was the door..um are we picture jumping soon? Like you know those old classic cartoon when folks end up in various pieces of art and interact with it? That would be cool.
I bet Anne Marie’s happy bout the trident and the sea shell with the very classic Ariel voice/music. And even Ariel herself I squeed. 😀 Also Snow’s Frying pan move very Rapunzel ala Tangled like. GO TEAM CHARMINGS TO THE RESCUE!
And hmm, dream symbolism..They should start a group and get some books on that everybody has those dreams/nightmares in town. Wonder if part of that’s like the author reaching out to people? maybe? And Henry you got bigger! What are they feeding you miracle grow? lol. He’s growing like..well a magical beanstalk which is fitting cause portals! portals everywhere!
Gonna give this one Seven  and a half Ships in  bottles out of ten. Also..was getting Pirates of the Caribbean vibes. So it fits there too. ehehehe.
Hugs and Cheers,

Love it so happy that Ursula got her voice back and I’m assuming her happy ending young Ursula really look like a princess  yay Ariel was back and I like  what she said to Hook maybe because villains go about getting it the wrong way their happy ending
I know their a lot of Emma and Hook fans but to me Emma had more chemistry with August then she does with Hook  but luckily I don’t ship couples
How awesome was that smoke possession
That dream Regina had I believe it’s telling her Robin Hood in danger and since we know Zelena is coming back I believe it has to do with her
OMG! The author trap in the book

I have theory since we know we having a two hours finale what if the author rewrote the book and the villains become the heroes and the heroes became the villains and Henry have to travel back in time to convince Regina to become a villain Regina is Snow White and Snow White is Regina in the story and Regina had to kill the thing she loves the most and it’s Cora this time since we know she coming back

Instead of Henry going back in time he has to go inside the book to convince Regina to become a villain to set things right

-Aleana Harris

Hey Bill and Anne Marie!

I really haterade this episode! So much for the “Spice Girls of Evil!” Looks like the band just broke up…again! 🙁 I was not expecting Ursula to leave the show this soon. It seems like such an early departure. But honestly her tentacles were annoying me anyway so good riddance! The only thing I liked about this episode was Hook’s not so surprising reveal that Emma was his happy ending. Aww! And seeing August again. Now what will become of August I wonder.
And Poseidon in this episode was like the Ursula we know in The Little Mermaid, trying to steal voices and stuff. It was just all so twisted. The whole episode. Yuck!
Anyways, I give this episode 2 out 10 voice stealing sea shells.
Buy guys! Love you!
– Elizabeth Plascencia

Hi Bill and Annmarie,

I have a few things to point out.

First, last episode, I think there’s a good possibility that rumple was posing as hook in the library. My reason for thinking this is that hook always has a comeback. I think he would have had a remark/ comeback for Regina calling him a pirate mascot. Instead, he stays quiet then and for the rest of that scene. If I am right, then Rumple knows Regina is undercover. I think he’s going to trick Regina somehow.

Second, how does August know that Regina has seen the page with the door?  That conversation was between Regina and his dad and he was not anywhere near them.

I would have liked to see more of Ursula in the real world as well as how she got to New York.

They were making it seem like there was more between Hook and Ursula. He could have told Emma.

Let me know what you think.


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