Letters: Family Business

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Family Business”. There’s doubts about Belle’s character, questions about her mother, and thoughts on the size of Misthaven. Let’s start with Martine, who dreams of time lords:

Of course the family tree book is massive.

Of course the family tree book is massive.


I was watching “Family Business” with a friend of mine. She’s not a fan of Once. She tried to watch it before and didn’t like it. The only reason she watched last night’s episode was because I needed to not fall behind on my work.

Anyway at the end of the episode, my friend with almost no previous knowledge to the show goes, “Is Belle always such a bitch?”

I was shocked and asked what she meant.

She continued with, “She doesn’t really seem like the Belle from the movie. Maybe it’s because she’s a princess and not a peasant, but she seems really haughty and doesn’t have much regard for people’s feelings.”
She paused for a moment and then added, “Or is it because she’s married to Rumpelstiltskin, and he’s rubbing off on her?”

I didn’t have much of an answer, but she raised a good point. Belle doesn’t seem like herself this season. I always thought it was either because the writers didn’t have a story for her, or it’s because Emilie De Raven is filming a movie during Once shooting. But what if Rumpel’s influence is getting to her more. This is the longest they’ve been together in the show minus when she was his maid. Or could it be the stress from the dagger?




Hey Bill and AMD, Another very strong episode!! My thoughts on 4×05 “Family Business: Bells back story was very cool, nice to see this connecting with what we already know about bell and also revealing that it was her idea to call on Rumple to win the Ogars war. I did feel it was out of character for Bell to lie to Elsa like that and for her to use the dagger on Rumple. I guess they did figure out a cool way for her to figure out his secret, but then he just pulls the wool over her eyes and she believes it. Bells been way to big a pushover this season to me. I love seeing more of the Ingrids plans. I was disappointed with her endgame last week but finding out more this week shows her desires as unique and very twisted. Shes completely psychotic!! Nice to know she really is there aunt… More characters related, didn’t see that coming. Also how did no one else know she had an ice cream truck? So proud of Regina, shes come so far!! Who would have thought she would tell Robin to Forget her to save Marian?! I really want to know How Rumple knows Ingrid… Maybe he trained her to? Ingrids mirror is very creepy, it’s nice to know how it works now. And lastly that house was obviously Ingrids since she had the hat and she still thought she did till Rumple showes her otherwise. Another great episode 411 out of 500 evil ice cream trucks!!



A quick theory: I know this is unlikely because one is a blonde and
the other is a brunette, and I didn’t really go back to see if they
looked similar at all, but I wonder if Belle’s mother is Helga. This
episode presented us with two missing women: Helga, and Belle’s
mother. Wouldn’t it be a neat solution for them to be the same person?

By neat, I don’t mean cool. I think the whole family interrelation
thing is a bit overdone. I mean neat in the sense of a solution to the
situation that ties things together in a simple and straightforward

I know the creators said they wouldn’t make Elsa related to anyone,
but think about the exact words they used. They said she wouldn’t be,
for example, anyone’s sister. They never said she wouldn’t be anyone’s

Take care!
Michael Lucero


Okay, families still make the world go round…especially in Storybrooke. Good points without many spoilers: plot has moved; Belle’s mom; A guilty Rumpble; Bad points: Belle’s mom as an obvious plot device; stupid girls doing stupid things; bad costumes can be as distracting as bad CGI. Could their clairfy exactly how many kingdoms are in Misthaven, because seriously at this point the royals out number the known named non royals? Either Misthaven is the size of America, or these are very small kingdoms. On another note, Belle is suffering from Prince Charming’s disease of what-to-do-with-me-now? Ohh, I could go on and on and….as part of the whole half season, I liked it, but as a stand alone episode, it could be better. The amensia disease plaguing this season grows like a plague, pun intended. I’m still liking it better than the last two previous seasons and Wonderland. Looking forward to next week.



This was good episode love that their was a balance and seeing all characters interact favorite line was Hook saying to Elsa if you spent more time in town you’ll find out everyone pretty much relate love that we got more Belle understand why we haven’t she been doing a movie love Rumple but also hate him hope when Belle found out she leave him and name him work to get her back I’m happy part of my theory was right that the snow queen aka Ingrid wants Emma and Elsa as her sisters but kinda hoping Belle mother was the other sister did we learn her name because I still think it can happen My theory is what if Belle mother wrote the book because we found out she is a writer and that she didn’t died and was kidnapped by the orges


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