Letters: Fall

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Fall”. Chris loves Anna, Woo & Rebecca love us, and Elizabeth can’t wait for the Charmings to be… less so. Let’s start with Ember, a new listener who sent several letters over the past few weeks:

If I were Blue I would die.

If I were Blue I would die.

My spellcheck keeps wanting to make the words all caps, should I be worried? Anyways, AHMAHGLOB I LUV OUAT!!!!!!!!!! And srry, this is going to be a really rants email. It’s the accursed 2-week period of waiting. What, like, is this show trying to kill me or something? I mean, TWO WEEKS. Talk about torture. The previous episode was SO……….. GGHHHHHHHHHIHIVHIKWNXONWXHIEHCINODHIHIDOD in a good way. The snow queen is sort of demented. Like, I will have my perfect family and I will destroy this town to get it >:). And when Hook got his heart ripped out, UGH. WHY. TEARS. And I love Rumplestiltskin as a villain again!!! When Hook was in the shop calling Emma, I seriously thought that Belle was going to walk in. Really. And about your podcast, since there is no new episode to talk about,

There are so many Once podcasts, and no offense, but most of them suck. And yours is awesome. I disagree with a lot of what you say (I mean, YOU WANTED HOOK TO DIE?!?), but I like that because I like seeing how you think of things, and you point out things that I never would have noticed. Like the Slippery When Wet sign in the episode The Jolly Roger. I love how Anne Marie calls Neal Baby Snowflake, even after the naming ceremony. I give it 199.9/200 of Rumple’s flings (he had a lot, kay?).

About the whole Frozen thing, I thought they should have sort of changed the storyline like they did with everything else, because that’s what made it Once Upon A Time, but I understand why they did that. Just picture an angry mob of Frozen fans screaming bloody murder. Okay, that’s was a little dramatic, but yeah. Also I really like Anna.

-Ultimate Captain Swan shipper, like EVER,
Ember Lafonte


OHMYGOSH I AM SOOOOO MAD THAT HOOK CHANGED CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!! I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY liked his old coat. I mean, if the show’s gonna switch it out, YOU COULD AT LEAST GIVE THE OLD ONE TO ME. And sorry Anne Marie but I really hated the whole Swanfire ship. I used to hate Captain Swan too because I wasn’t over Graham yet, but really? Neal? You can do SO much better than him. I feel like Hook did way more for her than Neal did. And I hate Neal’s Enchanted Forest name and I refuse to use it ever. But if they ever kill Rumple, then Neal might come back. Just sayin. Also, three more days. But can’t they just get rid of dark magic? In season four, I mean. Because all of them have light magic except for Rumple, and maybe the Snow Queen. Then again, all of Emma’s former ships were killed by dark magic, so what if they come back? That would be awkward, like Hook and Emma are on a date or something, and then POOF. Three of Emma’s old boyfriends pop up like daisies (Mulan reference). And you know what was sad? Hook’s heart was all bright and glowy when Rumple ripped it out. And THAT PHONE CALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. GURL JUST ANSWER THE FRIGGIN PHONE. WHY DO YOU CARRY THE BLOODY THING AROUND IF YOU NEVER USE IT?!? I probably got that quote wrong….. facepalm
Also, He does that a lot. #CaptainFloor. Sorry about the long and weird and ranty emails (goodness I have red squiggly lines everywhere), I don’t talk this much in real life. Random question: Have you ever wanted to eat a magic bean? Whenever there’s a scene where someone is holding a bean, I just imagine them eating it. Hook: Who cares? We only need one. Live to fight another day, mate. David: I’m not your mate. (Takes bean and eats it). Scene from the Season 2 finale.

-Previous Gremma shipper,
Ember Lafonte


I just watched the new episode two minutes ago. I was like, What. It’s over?! WHAT?!?!?!?! Yeah. That’s how it goes every time. DX  I don’t really like the whole Henry and Regina thing because it’s like he’s replacing Emma. Also, Belle is smart in some ways, but in others she’s just clueless because HOW CAN SHE NOT KNOW WHAT RUMPLESTILTSKIN IS UP TO?!? I need to stop with the all caps but yeah, Hook made the whole phone call confession in her shop. How did she not hear that? Like, UGH facepalm. Yay, I finally managed to compose a relatively short email. Short in my standards.

-The biggest (is that a word?) Captain Swan shipper,
Ember Lafonte





Hey y’all,
Due to watching the episode late, I haven’t had a chance to write until now. I know you’ve already done the podcast, so you can just add this to the letters page if you want. Or whatever.
Having enjoyed this season for the most part, I was pretty disappointed with this episode. In terms of both the new Arendelle story they’re telling, and in terms of Elizabeth Mitchell’s acting, I thought it was the weakest one yet, so I’m surprised to hear that you both liked it. I found Ingrid a bit too sentimental and saccharine in her early years. I almost expected her to say something like, “Gee golly gosh, you’re the best sisters ever!”
First of all, the story made little sense. Why did Weselton even claim to like Helga at all if he really loved Ingrid? Even if he only went after Ingrid because he wanted the crown, why have her appear to go after Helga at all? Ingrid was the oldest, so if he really loved her, or if he really wanted the crown, he should have gone after her all along. Or if they wanted to still preserve that dynamic, the writers should have had Helga be the oldest and Ingrid the second youngest, or even youngest, of the three. That way he could have had a logical reason to go after Helga while still wanting Ingrid. Since Ingrid is the heir to the throne, there’s no political or social reason for him to pretend to want Helga.
I understand why Gerda reacted the way she did. I think it made a lot of sense given the story we saw this episode, even though it is inconsistent with Frozen. If it had been anyone else that Ingrid had accidentally killed, Gerda would have been understanding and forgiving. We already saw this happen, actually, at the beginning of the episode. But since it was one of the three sisters, Gerda snapped. That made sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that, having decided that Ingrid is a monster for having ice powers, she would still protect and hide Elsa when she discovered that her daughter had the same powers. Or if calling Ingrid a monster was just a spur of the moment thing, a crime of passion shall we say, then why not let Ingrid out later on, when she’d had a chance to think it over, and ask for forgiveness? I find her choice believable within the context of Once, but to me it jars with Frozen.
And didn’t Ingrid want the urn, in case something horrible did happen? Isn’t that what she wanted? Why did she want the urn at all if she didn’t want to be trapped in it? Rumpel explained very clearly that this is what would happen, and she seemed to think this was a good thing. Why would she feel betrayed by Gerda doing what she supposedly wanted all along?
Also, it made little sense that Gerda would try to go to Rumpel to find a way to save Elsa from her powers, which I believe we were told is why Elsa’s parents were on that voyage. Having already tread that road, and with disastrous consequences, why would Gerda voyage there again?
Finally, I found Snow’s reactions to Emma’s powers to be inconsistent with what we’ve seen before, both in their relationship and in terms of Snow’s past reactions to Emma’s magic. It felt forced. It also seemed highly strange that Emma’s magic was just bubbling up like that. We’ve only ever seen Emma use magic consciously before, and even then she had to work hard to bring it to bear, except in cases where her life was threatened, as with Cora at Lake Gnostos. Why is it just now starting to go out of control? Again, highly convenient, and all for the sake of plot. To me, that’s just lazy writing again.
Oh well. I’ll keep watching, but to me this was a downer after what I’ve felt has been a higher quality of storytelling than last season. Take care,
Michael Lucero



Hi Bill and Anne Marie. How are you today? So we have 2 more episodes to go until the winter hiatus. Sadness. I think for the most part, this was a good filler episode. I liked how Rumple wanted to save Henry too. Like for once he was thinking about his grandson. I’m happy we finally found Anna and Christoff. I’m dying to know what is in that message in a bottle. I have been wondering all season. Maybe its a clue on how to stop the shattered sight spell. Although, how would Anna and Elsa’s parents know how to do that? So maybe I’m wrong. Honestly my favorite part of the episode was when Snow and David were holding hands, then their eyes did the shatter thing (whatever its called) and then the way they started to look at each other as their hands separated and pulled away. The looks on their faces, priceless! Oh, things are about to get NASTY! I can’t imagine the things Snow and Charming are going to say to each other but I’m kinda looking forward to all the cat fights that are going to happen next week. Yet, at the same time, once you say something it can’t be undone so I’m wondering if anything said will place some damage on relationships. They cant just go, “oh well, we were cursed so I didn’t mean it” can they?

I give this episode 20 out of 25 vacuumed up fairies.
Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. And I am very thankful for this podcast. Until next week, bye!
Elizabeth P.



I felt so sorry for Elsa, she so badly wanted to save her sister. Her love is so amazing and I love the way her powers are animated on screen, it’s very awesome!

That hat is so beautifully animated. I admire Belle wanting to help the Town. It was really selfish of Rumple to want to escape the town with Henry and Belle. Great to see Blue Fairy/ Mother Superior back.

A wishing star can only be used by those with a pure heart, this reminds me of Pinochio “When you wish upon a star….” 🙂

30 years Anna and Kristoff were Frozen, wow, didn’t expect it to be that long.

Anna telling Kristoff that she loves him and doesn’t want to die was heartbreaking, trapped in that trunk with no hope of escaping 🙁

Elsa has a true heart 🙂 She wished and her sister and Kristoff came back. That scene on the beach was so beautiful. Their sisterly love is so heartwarming 🙂

Damn, Hook got the Blue Fairy in the hat, hope he gets his heart back soon.

Rumple does love Belle, seeing him want to protect her is nice but his other actions cant be said the same about. Rumple wants the best of both worlds.

Lol, Anna saying our world, Storybrooke is so ‘Funny looking’ and Elsa agreeing 🙂

Charming and Kristoff reunion, Anna liking David’s hair shorter better is so funny.

Those final moments where Emma locks her parents in the cell to protect them is so heartbreaking, Emma use your specialness!

Regina protecting Henry is so awesome, she such a great mother. Operation Moongoose is not over! Everyone they love, they protect 🙂

Hope someone find the bottle with the letter that Anna, Elsa parents wrote I bet it will have something to do with stopping the spell and the Snow Queen aka Ingrid

Aleana Harris


Wow what an episode!! I was completely blown away!! This was my favorite episode this season and probably top 10 overall. My top 5 moments (how i will do fb from now on) 
5.) Bell is finally useful again!! Also a wild blue Fairy appeared!! 
4.) Hook and Rumple 
Rumple is the most evil he has ever been. Any redemption he had is completely gone. What he is doing to Hook is deplorable. Bell seriously needs to find him out now!! I wonder if Blue is really gone now. I thought she would get away, and she may have since we didn’t see her get completely sucked up. 
3.) Preparations for the spell 
Reginas talking like a hero now! It was hilarious when Snow said Elsas blind faith was screwing them. Charming and Krannas reunion was cute. 
2.) The cliffhanger. Really well done. Snows evil eyes then… Black! 
1.) Krannas story  
So much about this i loved. One of my favorite storylines in a long time. Mainly because of Anna. Elizabeth Lail has it nailed. I cant even watch frozen anymore without seeing her as anna. She had so many awesome lines.. Mainly “holy cats thats cold” cool to see blackbeard again. I assume Ariel saved him? Also, finterference! I loved the reveal that this whole plot was basically parallel to storybrooke. I had thought it was in the past the whole time. Kranna in the trunk was a glorious scene. I almost cried when Anna started reciting her vows then laughed when Kristoff was like wow what are you doing. SO MANY EMOTIONS!! Elsa and krannas reunion was beautiful. A cold miracle! The music in this scene, and episode was so amazing!! I could go on about this one forever, but ill save you time  5/5 golden Blackbeards. Chris Tipton



Tonight’s episode was very frustrating to me. It took almost as long to show everyone’s reaction to the spell as it did for Emma to decide whether or not to go into the room in the mansion last episode.
I was confused about the timeline. Did I miss a title card that told us Anna and Kristoff were in the present day, or was everyone else as confused as I was?
I noticed Emma touched her lips after Hook’s kiss, and looked puzzled. I wonder if she suspects something’s wrong?
Was it just me, or did anyone else say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or the few” when the group was deciding on whether to find Anna or save the town? (Star Trek reference)
ANd honestly? I’m tired of Rumple. I don’t even like him at this point. I don’t see what on Earth Belle sees in him, and I’m tired of him being such a jackass. Do you think he came back from the dead darker than he ever was? I thought he was redeemed, and yet it seems he’s the darkest Dark one he’s been in a long time.
I just hope Hook  doesn’t die. 🙁

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  1. I just realized that I made an error in my letter about “The Snow Queen” episode. I should have said “didn’t Ingrid want the urn” rather than “didn’t Elsa want the urn”.

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