Letters: Enter the Dragon

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut letters for time. These are the ones for “Enter the Dragon”. Elizabeth starts us off with some Biblical allusions, Stephanie thinks that Storybrooke is just looking for trouble, Ash worries about Belle’s reputation, and Phee challenges Belle’s latest ship! 

How can a girl possibly choose?

How can a girl possibly choose?

THEY DID IT. THEY BROUGHT IN THE BURNING BUSH. Okay, so I am FREAKING OUT right now. Like, a lot. August is back! And WHY DID NO ONE PROTEST WHEN EMMA SAID SHE WANTED TO HELP WITH THE UNDERCOVER WORK. Snow and Charming and Killian were RIGHT THERE and they didn’t say a SINGLE WORD. But was that really Killian? Because Rumple was hitting on Belle as Killian, so was he Killian for the whole episode? Because then Rumple would know about Regina going undercover because he was going undercover as Killian… How long has Rumple been Killian?! And WHERE IS THE REAL KILLIAN?!?!?!? I WANT HIM BACK . And when I saw the promo for the next episode I was SCREAMING. LIKE, LITERALLY SCREAMING. ALMOST IN TEARS. It looked like there were some Hook flashbacks, so yayyyyy! BUT THEN IT WAS WITH URSULA AND IT LOOKED LIKE HOOK WAS ALL WITH URSULA AND THEN HOOK GOT THROWN INTO THE WATER LIKE REJECTION MUCH I AM BUILDING A THEORY HERE SO HOOK DROWNED WHEN URSULA THREW HIM INTO THE WATER AND THE WHOLE TIME KILLIAN HAS BEEN RUMPLE AND ALL THE SCENES WITH RUMPLE AND KILLIAN ARE JUST RUMPLE BEING SCHIZOPHRENIC. Hmm. That doesn’t make a lot sense now that I’m actually thinking again. Screw that. But seriously, WHERE IS THE REAL KILLIAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I JUST WANT HIM BACK AND I WANT CAPTAIN SWAN!!!!!!!!

Also, I saw Regina and Robin making out in the promo ;). Like OOH THIS IS GETTING SPICYYYY. Okay, my MAJOR freak out session is over. Tschüs (I’m German now)
P.S. My auto-correct makes everything all caps now XD

Dear Bill and Anne Marie,

I wasn’t able to give tonight’s episode my full attention, so I can’t give a full review until I watch this episode again, which would be very later tomorrow, but I’ll give you what I go so far.

How many other nitpickers are going to gripe about Storybrooke having a train and rails???????
Me, me, me!!!!!
Unless the Divas of Doubtful Deeds actually left town, in which their magic wouldn’t work, so the whole scene is null and void! They couldn’t think of anything else for these Divas to do??????? Between that and the Divas at Granny’s instead of say the Rabbit Hole [which someone else suggested] or anywhere else for that matter, it really pulled away from the episode. It would have been more believable if Emma and David had been called out and confronted the Divas of Disaster. Poor Backup Baddies, that you have nothing to do and you have joined the Club of Named Characters Serving as Wallpaper….. what a waste of Powerful Names.

Rumpble as Hook was a bit “yep, saw that coming.”

Does anyone else think that at this point, the flashbacks should include in the corner exactly where in the timeline they are???? I think they made Aurora and Phillip a couple years older that Snow White at this point, because it felt like Snow White wasn’t of age yet. So shouldn’t Phillip be older than that? [Aurora won’t age while cursed, and didn’t someone turn Phillip into a Chinese dragon type creature, which is why he didn’t age. Oops, answered my own question! However, that could explain why we haven’t seen the parents of Aurora or Phillip in Storybrooke. I’m still having trouble that the older Royals of Other Kingdoms are doing nothing. Cinderella’s father-in-law Mr. ???????, Belle’s father, Maurice, King George, etc. They were in charge of entire kingdoms, and now they just all decided to sit this all out, over and over again.]

Yea, on the return of August!!!!!!!!

As a WoodenSwan fan, he was missed by me. I also know that Adam and Eddie never saw those two together in that way, so it was never going to happen, but I still think that they forget to tell that to Eion Bailey back in Season 1. [Should I even mention that Henry looks more like August in coloring that I was not happy that it turned out to be Neal as Henry’s father.]

I was so sure TPTB would have used August in a flashback! I hope he gets more that do that just be tortured!

However, considering Bailey is also a character on another show, I’m not counting that he will be sticking around Storybrooke for long, so I’ll enjoy him while he’s here.

Different Topic: Okay a point that was bothering me on last week’s episode (which I didn’t have a chance to review). Last week’s timeline was between the end of the Charmings honeymoon and the Curse being cast. Doesn’t Mally-the-dragon have a magical egg in her? Charming put it in to get a deal from Rumple –I’m assuming the thing shrinks when she goes human and she can’t remove it. Now Mally is a mother to be, so shouldn’t it be very crowded in there about that time?

  • Lizzie

Hey Anne and Bill,

man that was sure something.
The Queens of Darkness, went from Spice to Mean girls in no time flat. It’s like..so the tests to prove your bad is the equivalent of teenagers doing stupid and dangerous things to fit in with the cool kids? ok then.. But then of course Regina’s ol pal from back in the day wants ya to do..them a ‘favor’ and it’s something really shadey. #Mal, your gangster outfit now makes sense in this context. Of all the Forbidden Fortresses Regina had to walk into hers and, vice versa. Also Mal down on her luck etc. Dark Obi Wan Kenboi like a bit.

Emma got a lie detector tune up I see and BELLE NO DON”T GIVE HOOK THE DAGGER IT”S A TRAP! Seriously belle your suppose to be the smart velma like one. Did ya got rose tinted glasses on or did some one put something in your ice tea? ..I mean..even if..hey magic doppleganger wasn’t on your mind. Um Revenge obsessed pirate for 300 plus years vs. Attempt at reform etc. for at least 2 years ish..I’am just saying something fishy and fishier cough Pirate oath cough Hopefuly she’ll start putting things together sooner rather than later..that somethings not right.

And I was glad they weren’t going to torture baby ginger pinioake but eek augest..back yay..that there’s like five of the realms current darkest magic practitioners breathing down his neck baaaaddddd. Especially with a sting operation going on..seriously the new/ proving themselves person always get the dirty nasty jobs. hides under shock blanket & tries not to think back to when Robin was locked in the dungeon of the dark castle. And speaking of castles, we got to see Aurora and Stephan, and got a Brair Rose name drop, for like two minutes yay! #Still want more Sleeping Beauty back story

Gonna give this one seven burning trees out of ten.

Cheers and Hugs, Ash.

I didn’t think it would be possible for me to ANTI-ship a thing as much as I do CS, yet here we are with Will and Belle.

At the end of WL they had that flashforward saying that Will and Ana ruled as White King and Queen for many years. So without even getting my shipping feels involved, if Will stays with Belle, that’s a retcon, and I am SO DONE with them retconning stuff, so Will and Belle pisses me off just on that level.

It also pisses me off because I DO have shipper feels, and Will and Ana’s story had a BEAUTIFUL ending. Also, he was clutching a picture of her earlier this season. Also, Belle is still visibly shaken up whenever Rumple is mentioned. They’re both so clearly in love with other people, so putting them together as a believable couple is straight up nonsense IMO.

My hope is that Will is using Belle. Which would be a dick move, that I’d want to slap him for because sweet Belle doesn’t deserve to be lied to AGAIN, but that goes to show how much I need Will and Ana’s story set right at the end of this hot mess, that I WANT him to do the dick move. I want him to be dating Belle purely so he can hang out in the shop and snoop for some magical item that can get him back to WL and his true love Ana.

In other news, one of the voicemails in the last ep mentioned Snow’s heart spot and how that’s contradictory if she did this supposed horrible thing prior to getting that heart spot. I’d like to add that pregnant Snow with a heart spot was pure enough to walk through that door to meet Glinda. But pregnant pure of heart Snow can’t work the magic tree because maybe the baby might possibly have the potential for evil? This is one of those retcon, contradictory things that just pisses me off.

I wish the writers cared enough about the details of their own story to keep it consistent, because if THEY don’t care about the integrity of their story, then why should I?


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