Letters: Breaking Glass

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Breaking Glass”. There’s leftovers from last week, a fan of Belle’s babysitting service, and theories on how Snow Queen made it to our realm. Let’s start with Ash, who loved Lil’ Emma’s story:

I've been talking to the man in the mirror...

I’ve been talking to the man in the mirror…


Hey anne and bill hope everyones feeling better 🙂 man I think we all got hit with allergies and uggh last week. 

And speaking of being free, that was diffidently a theme this week, Sidney the Knave, Elsa..even Emma attempting to break the ice with Regina *rimshot*. To various degrees. I really liked the flashbacks, the snow/Knave and Charming bits etc.
Loved how they nodded to the original snow Queen with the whole pieces of the mirror and messing with perceptions.  OHMYGOSH young Emma oh my heart..dun dun dun. evil  messing around with memory things. And the star bit reminded me how she later gets the flower tattoo and has a star  key chain and other stars all over in season 1.  and #SneakyKnave digging holes made me think of rabbit ones …IS he looking for Percy? O O that poor rabbit.
Also *channels admiral ackbar.* ELSA IS A TRAP! eep I’am getting like  the old capture the girl and doing a ritual of some sort vibe trope. With the whole chains and the not nice char. needing them for something. Like in the Mummy etc. movies.  Fitting though cause we got norse stuff ehehe espically the portal to Asgard shout out to Josh’s role as Fandral in the first Thor marvel movie. (Which I love and is how I found out about Josh and then when I heard he and Jmo was gonna be on Once I decided to check it out season 1))
One that note Gonna give this one  6 and a half Ice Warriors out of ten.
Hugs and Cheers, Ash. 🙂


Regina and Emma using their powers to defeat the snowman was epic and Elsa coming out of nowhere was epic happy Sydney is freed and stood up for himself the Snow and Charming scenes was cute still will like to know why the Knave aka Will Scarlet is there Iike the Emma flashback didn’t understand why we need it but I get it was to get to the point for Emma to tell Regina she wanted her to her friend I knew it that the Snow Queen was going to turn out to be one of Emma foster mother 
My theory is the Apprentice is the one who sent the Snow Queen into the real world because we know one reason the Snow Queen doing what she doing because she want a family 

Aleana Harris


Hey Yall!
I felt like Emmas back story just rehashed what we’ve seen so many times before… She trusted someone and got hurt. It did jive well with her and reginas plot in this episode. Those two are amazing together as always!! We got to see more of Will than we’ve seen so far. His line “somebody’s already had a nibble” is one of my all time favorite lines. Sidney betrayed Regina!! Didn’t see that coming! Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen is so epic.
I really feel she is already taking her place as the best villain we’ve had yet. Shes so quietly evil. Shes chilling!! (yea i went there) That had to be the greatest delivery of im going to build a snowman of all time!! Its nice to know a bit of her endgame, although I dont understand the mirror thing yet.
No Rumple, it was very convenient and easy for Elsa to break out of her chains, and how did Emma just still have that camera? Snow and charmings story just seemed silly to me. Overall my least favorite episode this year but still strong simply because of Elizabeth Mitchell. 37,500/50,000 poptarts

Chris Tipton


Hi Bill and Anne Marie,

I am a bit all over the place.
My notes for this week:

Belle = New Red? Babysitting Neal 🙂

I am happy to see Regina unloading. She really wants her happy ending. Her interaction with Emma was great.

I am still not sure what to think of the snow queen. Her non emotional behaviour is boring me.

Sydney flipped, he finally grew a spine for 2 seconds. He is and always will be a servant.

YAY! Emma and Regina magic. Glad to see Emma is learning to control it.

Costume notes:
Snow is finally in some nicer clothes.
The addition to Elsa’s dress is not helping.

That’s all for now.

Out of 12 friendships between Emma and Regina I give it 7. The episode was a bit slow. Some great scenes and lines, but it was more of a set up episode for what will come later.

Other Annemarie


Hi Bill & Anne Marie!
Just some notes on my re-watch tonight.
I had to giggle at the “A long time ago” beginning of this thinking about how AMD loves her timelines. 🙂 Is this Rumple’s predecessor, or even further back?
And then Emma has to go and make Hook miss the dart board entirely! Squee! Hold her, that’s what he’s going to do with the other hand. Yep, not what I was thinking, not at all. Not really feeling her date outfit though, between the dress and the hair, it looks very 1950’s. And yes, Emma really does need her own place, man it’s getting crowded in there!
Lady & the Tramp! I fell out laughing!
Henry’s going undercover! Looks like he might be the new apprentice after all! I mean the Sorcerer could come back and need a replacement apprentice.
Poor David REALLY doesn’t want to know what happened. hehehe
The apprentice is a MOUSE!!! I am much too easily amused. The Dark One WANTS you to kill him? Isn’t that a gigantic clue? Annah’s innocence is quite annoying. And then she warns him about the mouse about to attack and they both just stand there like statues and let it happen? Did Rumple get hit with the stupid stick?
Emma can’t drive on ice, but she sure can run on it! Right into what is obviously a trap, and then isn’t.
And suddenly Annah is smart enough to figure out the dagger. But not smart enough to make him change the apprentice back before sending her back/relinquishing the dagger. But this does support the theory that Rumple & Belle’s honeymoon cabin was the Ahrendelle(sp?) palace, since that’s where Rumple found the box.
And the apprentice is a star in the hat.
Kristoph at least seemed like he missed her. He wasn’t too apathetic about that. He’s starting to grow on me.
And Rumple’s insta-Photoshop power on pre-Photoshop tech to the rescue (well his anyway) again! Killian really should have trusted his first instinct that Rumple was lying to him.
Nave lies to Emma and she doesn’t call him on it. Her spidey senses should have been all over that conversation.
So, what does an apprentice do? Don’t touch anything. NO, that can’t POSSIBLY be FORESHADOWING!!
Loved this one! Out of 10 people sucking hats I give it 9 people sucking hats and a star. Always room for improvement. Love you guys, hopefully my connection will work and I can watch the podcast tonight.

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  1. HEARD on one of the other podcast that EMILY DE RAVEN has been filming a movie and other project during the summer and was not available for the beginning of filming for ONCE. She dropped in for fast shoots of small segments and they usually worked it that she did not have a lot of dialogue to memorize and deliver…… Next episode is a BELLE centric episode and she is suppose to figure heavily into the remainder of the season. I looked her up in IMBD and she had several projects that are now in post production….. I do not know whether she picked up the other projects because she has so little to do on ONCE ….. or the producers wrote so she could pick up the other projects as a favor.


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