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Occasionally fans of Greetings from Storybrooke write in with reactions not only to the most recent episode of ONCE, but to our episode covering it. Unfortunately it’s hard to get to these in the show itself since we usually have a stack of fan reactions for the latest episode so we like to feature/respond here. We got a few this week. Anne Marie will handle the first, and Bill will follow up with #2. Take it away, @Jasperann!

Hey guys!!  This is my first time writing an e-mail for any podcast.  But you guys have really won me over.  The way you two have made the shipping war between Captain Swan and Swan Thief more of a joke than anything else, really just makes me laugh.  Usually when someone on a podcast ships Swan Thief they are very forceful about it and judgmental of the people that do not.

Thank you!!

(Yes I’m talking about the podcast that shall not be named.)


Which makes me uncomfortable.  So THANK YOU ANNE MARIE for not making me feel like what I ship is wrong just because it isn’t the same as you.  You are the best.  Bill you are the best too.  Don’t feel left out!

Don’t inflate his ego 😉

Okay now that ‘that’ is out of the way, on to what I thought of this last episode.  The main theme I got out of this episode was belief.  Snow wants Charming to believe in them.  Hook believes he will win over Emma.  Rumple believes that Belle’s and their love is strong enough to get the job done.  Pan wants Henry to believe in him.  I’m sure there is more that I didn’t catch, but those were the ones to catch my eye.

I believe you are right!

Since the stills had been released for this episode I have thought that John and Michael Darling were the two to ‘break into’ Storybrooke and seeing the little teddy bear hanging from the rear view mirror was a nice little nod.

That was precious!

I enjoyed all the scenes that they were in, I am a little confused though.  They said that they tried to stop Pan before and that is how he got Wendy, but they were maybe 8 and 4 when Wendy is the age she is now.  Are they trying to tell us that at those ages they tried to stop Pan an failed and they haven’t tried again?

I think they have tried a couple times! I really hope that they get into that more soon!! So much to cover!!

Or is Wendy suppose to be older than the 14 or 15 she was before?  It is just really strange to me.  I did think that it was her in the box though.


it was the only person that really made any kind of sense.  So it was nice to see that happen.

I adored ALL the scenes with Hook and Neal.  Hook totally had a foot in mouth moment when he thanked Neal for understanding.

I got embarrassed for him!

But I think it made him realize that Neal and Emma were not really together.  But the hurt and shock on Neal’s face was sad.  Had to be hard to find out that way, but it was like it flipped a switch in Neal and made him act like a complete jerk for most of the episode after that.  Which I suppose is understandable, since his mom left him because she fell in love with Hook.  It’s got to sting a little bit.


But it did make for some pretty awesome and funny jabs and fighting like little kids between them both.

HILARIOUS! I loved their fight over the lighter, but I did feel bad for Emma during it!

Then the conversation that Emma and Hook had.  It was so perfect.  I loved that he said he would ‘win her heart’, he doesn’t just want Emma he wants Emma’s love too.  The music they play when they are talking is just beautiful and so full of hope.

*note to self…rewatch*

I also loved that Emma looked for comfort from him, even after Hook admitted that he basically loved her and would win her over eventually, she didn’t shut him down or scoff at him.  It is so heart warming. Then I actually cried with the Snowing interaction.  They just love each other so much!!

I need them to have a huge breakthrough and soon! As much as I love Snow (I mean, I cut my hair like MM!) they are both starting to bother me! I feel like they aren’t actually accomplishing much and they are usually the leaders!

When Rumple showed up out of that sand dollar.  I couldn’t get Star Wars out of my head.  Rumple went all Obi Wan Kenobi, it was too funny.

THIS was ridiculous!

Finally Emma telling them both that if she has to choose between them right then she would choose Henry!

That made me happy too!

I was cheering her on so much during that scene and the look Hook gave made me think he fancies her even when she is yelling at him.  lol  Thanks for the podcast!  Keep up the great work!  #TeamBillMeeks and #CaptainSwan 4ever!



Thank you so much for listening and for writing in!!

-Anne Marie







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