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Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Bleeding Through”. Sorry we ran short. Let’s lead off with Erin’s great trailer analysis.




Hi guys, Erin here again! I just wanted to let you guys know about a couple of theories/observations I had concerning the promo for the finale episode. My theories had pictures though so I’ve named them accordingly! 🙂
Hook 1Hook 2
#1: Hook and Emma steal the Jolly Roger… from Hook. (Pictures – Hook 1 and Hook 2)
In the promo we can very clearly see that Emma and Hook are at least on the Jolly Roger. When Hook swings a punch though, and the camera turns back to who he punches, it is another Hook!
#2: Hook has both hands in the promo! (Picture – Hand!!!!!! and Ballroom)
At first I thought that maybe he just has his prosthetic hand on again, however, after watching the promo more times than I would like to admit, it is clear that he is actually holding her hand, his fingers are bent around hers. His hook is normally on his left hand, in this case it isn’t. Also, in the wider shot of the ballroom, he has both black gloves on, which he just doesn’t do.
#3 Emma and Killian are trying to stop Charming and Abigail’s wedding (Pictures – Ballroom and Midas)
In the wider shot of the ballroom we can see the crests decorating the room, and the golden walls. In the photo from a previous episode, Midas’ knight is wearing the same crest. We also know that Abigail is supposed to be coming back this episode, and I suspect it is going to be in more of a capacity than simply sitting in the carriage with Charming as they go ‘along the scenic route’.
#4 Nothing to do with the promo, but still a possibility!
I think, and have been thinking for a while, that Hook got back to the land without magic with the help of the White Rabbit. We know that he can burrow holes through to Storybrooke. If Hook was ‘travelling realms’ to get back to Emma, he could have meant going back to Wonderland. He’s been there before, and probably met the White Rabbit at some point. This would also give a relatively nice entrance for the Knave to come back. The writers could simply say that he had been there the whole time. And as of right now, Anastasia isn’t reported to be crossing over, she could just be in Wonderland.
Anyway, I know that this was an extremely long email, but I wanted to get all of these thoughts out before the finale actually airs.

Love the podcast, and keep up the good work,



About hearts:

Everything we’ve learned about hearts has come from an “evil” character. The nature of “evil” is to not give away any secrets that you don’t need to in order to maintain power. So there is no reason for any character who knows everything about hearts to give away everything or anything more than is necessary in that moment.

I don’t think the splitting hearts in half thing will work for anyone. Snow said that Charming and She always shared a heart, so I think this implies that only soul mates (or maybe also blood relatives) could have this trick work for them.

I think there is a lot more to learn about hearts, because hearts are part of the most powerful magic in the land (true love.) There’s no way that something so powerful is limited to control, death, showing pureness of a soul and being able to be shared by your true love.

Speaking of pureness, I was surprised neither of you questioned how Snow could go through the door knowing that hear heart is no longer pure?



Patty (Sage of Earth)

Hey Bill and Ana Marie,

I just finished watching the latest episode, and out of 200 golden brains I would give it 125 golden brains.  Kansas, I felt wasn’t the greatest episode this half of the season had to offer, nor was it the worst. It was pretty ordinary episode, and felt extremely random, and this  isn’t exactly a good thing especially when we are meeting Dorthy. 
There were some moments I did really enjoyed like  Rumple proposing to Belle, and Henry encouraging Regina to confront the Wicked Witch. This didn’t overshadow the moment that made me cringe like Emma not using her magic to save Hook when  Wicked Witch and Rumple were drowning him. On that note I hope that her loosing her magic is only a temporary  and that at some point  she’ll regains it. If not then I would question  the writer’s and creator’s  sanity.
I love the fact  Dorthy had  arrived to Oz, but I felt extremely disappoint in not seeing my favorite character Toto. Although I shouldn’t be surprised,  since there is a bit of hate for this character, so what reason should the creator allowing for this character to be included.. Before you say any response I know that Glinda says that few people can survive going through that Tornado. I accept this excuse since it goes along with the overall storyline. It still that doesn’t exactly have me feeling less disappointed, and left out.
Patty Mouro


Michael Lucero

Hey Bill and Anne Marie,
The one question I have after seeing tonight’s episode is this: is there any such thing as character development at all in this show? Time and time again we’ve seen characters seem to develop, to make real progress, only for them to turn right around and make the same mistakes as ever. Regina uses light magic and becomes a hero…only to threaten to crush Zelena’s heart almost in the same breath as telling her she can choose to be good instead of evil. Rumpel finally gives his trust to Belle after seasons of valuing his magic (in the form of his dagger) over his closest personal relationships…only to turn right around and trick her, doing the one thing Belle wished he wouldn’t do.
More and more I’m comparing this show to Heroes, which had one of the most amazing first seasons I’ve ever seen, but then went sharply and steadily downhill after it had to tell a story beyond the creators’ original concept. One of the most eye-roll inducing aspects of Heroes toward the end was the fact that a character ended up saying “This ends here!” or “This ends now” at least once per episode in that show. And now we have two such lines in this very episode. As always, I’ll continue to watch Once next week, but my hopes aren’t any higher than before that it’ll make a real turnaround.
Can’t wait to hear your podcast on the episode. Y’all often make me see good parts that I had overlooked. Take care!


Chris Tipton

Good episode, not quite as good as the last 2, but Andrew Chambliss wrote it so that is to be expected haha. Really didn’t care for Dorothy or the entire oz plot, seemed pointless to me. How did Zelena come back from being melted? Loved Regina using light Magic, she is completely good now, a hero I LOVE IT!! Robin getting her heart was great. Rumple Rumple Rumple old habits die hard, after the ending i think he, may be the s4 villain. And what the heck was up with the ending? Her Magic opened a portal? Its going to be a crazy 2 hours, how will we survive? 0.75/1 Golden brain



Hi Anne Mary and Bill,

Holy Sisterhood of the Traveling Slippers. So much to process so factoid tidbits first, The table the 4 witches sat at had the Alchemy symbols of the elements on it. Namely Fire, water, earth and air. Also zelenda is most certainly cora’s daughter . Dang nabit rumple rumple rumple you vented and didn’t listen to Belle and you seee what HAPPENS. *ahem* not that i didn’t enjoy waiting the Dorthy bucket thing yesss and aww cutie pie.
Glinda, why so shadey? what what what maybe shes like blue with the whole greater good thing. I sincernly hope Emma gets her magic back all curses can be broken after all. Maybe Emma’s gonna be the good witch of the west eventually. And YAY HENRY and Belle speeches. Power of heart and belief yess, love it and Daddy Charming perfect. poor snow we still need to know the newest little princes name though.
And holy time traveling portals batman, crazyville but kinda fun looking. (also Voldemort vibes with that green disembodied smoke. messed up dude. Princess emma yes good i likey. SNOWING *back to the future schaningians here we go. Have to give this one 7.5 buckets of water out of the magical water well. (don’t tell me that wasn’t a magic wishing well cause it looked like it. )
Cheers and hugs, Ash. 🙂







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