Fan Letters: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for Episode 72 – The OZ. Sorry we ran short.


So flying monkey guy was put under a spell like Rumple to do whatever the Wicked Witch wants. Perhaps he was sincere about Emma when they were in New York and then when he purposed to her, the witch turned him into a fly monkey to attack her.  Or more likely, he was under a spell to make Emma fall in love with him.  I don’t know, I can’t figure that out but it does give #TeamSwanMonkey a fighting chance, right?.

I’m still on #TeamCaptainSwan, however, I wish Emma could have just one scene where she isn’t frowning for a change, how is Hook going to get the moves on her again? He does try to cheer her up and he gets bonus points for that, and for always having a flask of rum in his pocket-at least with me he does. Finally, my theory on how they are going to take out the Wicked Witch is that they will have to convince her that she needs to go back to OZ and then steal her shoes. She will forever be running around OZ looking for her slippers. Or leave her with just one to torture her: “Where is that other shoe??”. Just kidding really, but since the magic is in the shoes and not the person, the shoes will be her undoing. Oh, and SO much cleavage in this episode.  They are still wearing hats and coats but maybe the weather is starting to warm up. When is the cutoff for signing up for the Saturday hangout?  I haven’t yet because I am not sure I can make it and don’t want to risk taking a possible slot away from someone else.  Either way, it will be fun to finally see video of you guys doing the show. Jasmine


Hi Anne Marie and Bill,  *hugs and looks like We’re off to see the Wizard*(hums)

Or wizards if we’re counting  Rumple, with  his Apprentices. Deffintly some good stuff this espisode (and some sad too) R.I.P. Neal he got a good send off but it’s still so sad.

also side note we either have a Doctor Who fan in Storybrooke or the Wardrobe Department;

That guy’s scarf is very Tom Baker. TImey Wimey ness just might be happening if Zelenda gets her ingredients.  AND SO CALLED REGINA AS TINMAN whooHHOOO. ahem. XD Also Robin guarding Regina’s heart love it. And yay Tink’s back her and Belle can be besties along with Ariel I hope.

The emerald city was Beautiful and  loved the Green Tornado and the Silver SLippers,  OHMYGOSH WALSH MONKEY! i was hopeing for Victor, Jefferson or Lumiere to be behind the curtain in turns but i guess it works*shrugs* Oscar/Walsh I guess gets allotted time as human when Zelenda needs him to do stuff. (makes me feel a little better about the Emma dating but still..Emma go save the weremonkeys!

As usual Z’s gt abandonment and daddy issues. Very once and fairy tale. Henry and hook’s moments where good I like this side of Hook. Now we just need to find The Book. *Emma go raid your mummy’s closet.* Have to give  this episode though, Seven roman numerals out of twelve off the poor broke main street clock. *It seems like it just got fixed not that long ago.*

Cheers,cookies and Hugs, Ash.


Hi guys,

I thought that this was a great episode. The saying green with envy had always kind of floated around in my head in regards to how Zelena turning green. I will admit that I was wrong on who I thought was the Wizard of Oz, I had the crazy insane that Neal was the wizard. I figured that if he was anything like his father he would have been multiple characters. I also have the crazy insane theory that baby charming is  Dorothy … but I am probably wrong about that too. 🙂

My two favorite moments of the episode were the fact that Regina literally gave Robin her heart and that Hook and Henry had some bonding time. though I did notice that Hooks boat was not the Jolly Rodger.

All in all I thought that this was a great episode and  out of 12 pairs of silver slippers I give it an 11.5

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

 Amy P.


Facebook posts:

Chris Tipton posted on Greetings From Storybrooke’s timeline

“Holy FREAKING CRAPBALLS every new episode of the season becomes my new favorite. How amazing, so many amazing reveals!! The best may have been when she turned walsh (the WIZARD OF OZ, who saw that coming?!) into her “circus animal” haha. And now we know what she wants!! Wow, what an amazing episode 4,372/4,370 dented miatas (see what i did there)”

Erin posted on Greetings From Storybrooke’s timeline:

“i’m not sure how i feel about walsh being the wizard.could the be redeemed like the other wizard.he has so much anger issues being forced to work for the witch.”

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