Fan Letters: Bleeding Through

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Bleeding Through”. Sorry we ran short.



Ash F.

Hey Anne and Bill, how’s things going? hopefully there’s no spooky bumps in the night *cue Ghostbusters theme*

Excellent episode I got to say, of course Jane’s usually are. Lots of good character development and time line filling in stuff. Belle, Robin, Emma and the gang being awesome. *ohmy gosh emma playfuly snagging hook’s hook. *cuteness.*  

Lost Girl in the nicer sense *ie Hook with dustin  hoffman happy thoughts for the win!
Speaking of Pixie’s (and things of that size) hmmm mr. Johnathan Gardner= Green thumb i see what you did there writers. Straw ring yes perfect connection to Cora/rumple’s story. kinda gave me the whole hand fasting feel ie temporary agreement/marriage but then john boy didn’t keep his end (the heel)
And that momentary ship sank with a bang *KABLOW*
*cue cowboy cassanova playing in the distance* XD
Anyhoo, lots of apologies going around this ep too and Emma darling fairy tale world has grey areas and shades too. Poor Emma is prob having issues absorbing that much info dump in 30 seconds dont blame her. Also Killian you got some splaining to do. Hooky Fishy Mcgeee that didn’t seem like accidental bump that was the Tamara style cofee spill bro.
Just sayin’
And Leopold good on you sir, *need to schedule a meeting with Dr. Hopper about that *twitch scene which shall not be named. Though nice try rumple. Epic belle in research mode. <3 ‘your rumple eeh* this show is traumatizing  sometimes Oi vey. And not just for our cast and poor Henry *always going after the youngest evil wicked nasty villains. He needs some bodyguards (dwarves are down by tooo many members right now) Ruby needs a bigger pack that’ll work and oh maybe Tink too.
Rating? ooh lets see, death candles have been used i liked the netherworld portal effect so seven and a half minutes of a netherworld portal open out of ten. (interrupted by hook’s fishy attempted leg stretch  / footsie move. )
Tennant gif also fitting as likelyness Timey Wimey stuff happening. *Doctor who happy dance* still worrying though.
hmm blacken bruished heart, reminds me of the hairs from the darkest souls for the org. curse.
and well robin you tried (poor Roland) and wow just wow outlaw queen moment. interesting.
alrighty then thats all for now, Cheers hugs and cookies, Ash.
Vicki via Facebook
I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode. While it was nice to finally get the full story on Cora/Eva/Leopold, a lot of it felt like filler.
Also it was awfully convenient that Cora and Leopold came across a ring of stones to make a fire just as they were talking about making one, as well as the wall that Eva was eavesdropping on the other side of.
There were really only two things I particularly enjoyed in this episode – Emma practicing her magic my making the hot chocolate and Hook’s hook reappear/disappear and Regina finally kissing Robin.
I’m glad that she didn’t get mad at him because he chose to keep Roland safe over giving up Regina’s heart to Zelena. She raised Henry, so she understands how important the safety of a kid is to their parent. I really enjoy the chemistry between Regina and Robin, and I hope that they get to be happy together.


Hey Bill and Anne Marie,

 This was quite the interesting episode. We got some more back story about Cora.Zelena bringing those green apples to Regina to throw her off while she sent Rumple off to get her heart was something that I didn’t see coming. Charming should stay away from anything in a cup. Man…are we going to have to go the Alice in Wonderland route with little notes saying drink me, don’t drink me?? Robin tried his best and you could really tell that Rumple was trying to fight the power of the dagger so he wouldn’t hurt Roland. Regina’s reaction to the news from Robin was great. I was really happy that Belle gave Regina what for when she stormed into Gold’s shop wanting help. Belle had never wronged Regina at all. She just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. I really liked that Regina and Snow had a nice conversation after they both faced down Cora. The back story was rather interesting and just a little bit head scratching on the time line with the Miller’s daughter. Unless Eva forgot who Regina was when they met, or that foot that she stuck out to trip Regina was a bit of payback. Hopefully we’ll get that answered from the writers later on down the line. The scenes between Zelena and Rumple was interesting to say the least. You can’t blame Rumple for using what ever means necessary to get his dagger back. The whole time travel thing to bring Bae back, you could really tell that Rumple was kind of thinking about it, but he knew that what his son did to bring him back was the greatest sacrifice, and Rumple’s going to honor that by making sure that Zelena goes down. I was also very happy that even Charming I think says that out loud that they know what Neal did and they’re going to make sure that they make sure Zelena gets what she deserves. I saw the previews for next week’s episode and man…they’re sure ramping up the action. I’ll wrap it up here. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this episode,
Holly from Wisconsin


Woo S. Kim via Facebook

“I love the raw emotion that everyone displayed that this episode if the preview for next week is to be believed, this episode was the calm before the storm, performances by everyone were fantastic loved everyone. Can’t wait to hear what AMD and Meeks think.”

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