Letters: A Tale of Two Sisters

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “A Tale of Two Sisters”. There’s cartoon references, pitches for the next half-season, and lots of Frozen love. Let’s start with Ashley, who spies some similarities with the House of Mouse.

Anna and Elsa's mom understood how important it was to get your letters in quick.

Anna and Elsa’s mom understood how important it was to get your letters in quick.



 Hey Anne and Bill, how ya been? man I glad I got my tech issues sorted out and got everything back on Friday. I’am still catching up on things like podcast. (been listening to the commentaries love them btw.) But onto the topic at hand. 
I thought it was a good start for the season. Some of it when as well as I excepted and I have to agree with Charming. No one got incinerated  that is a very good sign. I really liked where they set the Frozen timeline and the sisters are perfect casting in the roles so far I think and message in a bottle? Nice, cause there was defintly no seagulls available in that crazy gale of a storm. Wonder who’ll pick that up cough water portal making mermaids cough. lol But ohmygosh Anne Marie SVEN! so cute, hums the reindeer are better than people song Loved the beauty and the Beast tribute I squeaked happily at that. And speaking of tributes. hmm I wonder whose hat that is Mickey’s? Merlin’s? Yen Sid perhaps? was that a mini magic bucket? ok where’s the marching mops from Fantasia? 
And yes the Quest for the Writer of the book WHOOO hooo! We’ve all been waiting for that. though not for the reasons regina wants to find whomever it was/is. Hmm I wonder if something gonna happen and then Emma and the gang are gonna have to fix it. Cause what if say doing what she wants brings other villians in or back? like is there going to  be a villain takeover like in the Halloween House of Mouse episode? or Kingdom Hearts? That would  not be good for anybody. Regina did you learn nothing from the Dark Curse? ayyiyiyi. any hoo those are my fresh after viewing thoughts. I’am gonna rate this one Seven snowflake pendent necklaces out of ten. Cheers Ash. 🙂 
House of Mouse villians trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaGTVFYXB3Q
Fantasia mickey and YenSid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8gOh0wEgLg


Hey Bill and Anne Marie,

Wow, what an episode! I don’t even know where to begin, there was so many things that I loved in this episode. Some of these are probably going to be out of order. The ballroom scene between Belle and Rumple was fantastic. I was nearly in tears when Rumple visited Bae’s grave.  Regina freeing Sydney and wanting his help to be rid of Marion was interesting, though I think Regina may have some problems down the line keeping him in check. I think he’s still in love with her from when he was the Genie. We finally might get our answer as to who wrote the book this season, I can’t wait. They did a good job with Marshmallow the snow man. Grumpy’s still the town cryer. I’m wondering if we can’t add the Sorcerer’s apprentice to the roles that Rumple has with him revealing the iconic blue magician’s hat. So looking forward to seeing where we’re going this season. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this episode.
Holly from Wisconsin


Hey Bill & Anne Marie,

I thought this was a really interesting start to the season. I don’t think I’ve been this intrigued about Once since the first appearance of Pan. Hopefully it goes a little better than that season did…
Anyway, that Sorcerer’s Apprentice hint with Rumpel is very interesting. I wonder if we’ll see the Dark One going around looking like Gandalf. If I remember right, the original story in Fantasia was about a character who put on the hat and used its magic, only to see it go out of control since he was unable to control it. Will we see this happen to Rumpel? Maybe seeing magic completely beyond his ability will cause him to finally lose taste for it. I feel like this might be gearing up for the endgame (probably next season), since they’re starting to look at who wrote the Book, which I always assumed would be the show’s final storyline. But maybe not.

I liked the Frozen characters. Elsa was the best; you already know my thoughts on Georgina Haig. As for the others, I think they sounded like their movie counterparts more than looked like them, and that’s probably a good thing. Anna especially sounded very much like Kristin Bell.

Can’t wait to hear what y’all thought of the episode. Take care!

Michael Lucero


Hey Bill, and Ane Marie,
I am just responding to the Bill’s question  about the story arch I will pitch if I were a writer in the show, instead of an accounting major. Well if I were to pitch any idea for the half season story arch it will be this: 
When Storybook appears to be invaded by an army of gargoyles being lead by a mysterious half human/half Ogre hybrid which causes the town to panic. A former cleric named Frollo  takes control and exploits the town’s fears which  bring about a modern day Spanish Inquisition. Which affects all of the main, and supporting characters especially Regina and Nova who get accused of conversing with ogres. With enemies coming from inside and out can they  manage to triumph over adversity or will they fall to ruin? 

What I have written above is the synopsis for the story arch pitch which  will be exploring The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Since there are elements that can fit in really well with the show.  In this story arch we won’t be visiting any new lands, but we will be seeing new characters like Frollo, Esmeralda, Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Goliath, and  Hudson from Gargoyle (Tv show).  We get to  learn more about the some of main and supporting characters, and how there live are connected to these new characters.

Through out this story arch  season both the character, and viewer will struggle to try to figure out who exactly is the half human/ half ogre hybrid; (which  we will place clues and false leads) only it will be revealed near the end of the half season that Quasimodo is the Ogre hybrid. The idea for this came from one line in the movie where the audience is asked “Who is the monster and who is the man?”.  Which the character will struggle to discover that despite appearances that  Frollo is the monster, and Quasimodo is the man,

I hoped the two of you enjoyed the pitch, and I look forward to hearing your opinion.SincerelyPatty Mouro

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