Fan Letters: A Curious Thing

Unfortunately sometimes we have to cut some letters for time. These are the ones for “Bleeding Through”. Sorry we ran short.



Amy P.

Hey Guys, 

I thought that this episode was great. I thought that there was a lot of questions that had been answered. Including the fact that Prince Phillip and Aurora were flying monkeys, although I think they are dead now since Emma, Hook and Regina decided it was a good idea to shoot them all. And I can’t believe that there is a purpose to Zalena ‘s ugly emerald necklace, was it just me or did Glinda have the same necklace just a different color?
 But, Yay Henry has his Memories and the spell is broken. I was a little shocked that it was the charmings that cast the curse but glad that they figured out a way for Charming to live, even thought I don’t quite understand how they are both living with half a heart. in the end I give the episode 11 out of 12 ugly emerald necklaces. As for next weeks episode ,(Spoiler Alert) I get the feeling that my out there theory  of Dorothy being baby Charming will be disproved. I guess we shall see.
Sorry if my email seems all over the place. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts,
Amy P.
P.S Random thought of the day: You know you watch too much Once Upon a Time when you see  Beauty and the Beast the musical, and your first thoughts when you see the beast are along the lines of ” He does not look like Rumple” or “He is not Robert Carlisle. This is what happened to me on Saturday. I thought it was funny so I thought I would share


Ash. F

Hi AnneMArie and Bill,

Well first off I got to say, ♫ THAT’s the Power of Love ♫ (ala Huey and the News back to the future)
Looks like Snow and Charming’s shared heart makes them a true love charm bracelet.*rimshot* I knew they we’re connected back in an apple as red as blood but allllrighty then.
I loved this espisode though other than Heart rules what are they and (seriously writers stop nearly making charming dead dead hurts, pain ,cant nope. Single tear of pain.  )
YAY henry got his memories back, and holy flipping cow  a lot of them were saying what we all seem to be saying in various places. luv <3  lots of parallels with the pilot etc. And doors yeah wonderland. the labyrinth etc lots of magical lands seem to have those (portals with cloaking spells/doors.) XD Not to mention various shows. It made sense how she’s of the south ie warm areas etc and gets banished to the north (ala Snow queen terriorty) certainly would prob have some effect on glinda’s magic.
Lots of intel to absorb thats for sure, poor philora, Emma next beat down try some curse breaking and untransforming of monkeys. (Emma kicking butt always entertaining.) Neal remember bittersweet but necessary ohmygosh Hero indeed.  (more than two of them in that cemetery now. Though time travel maybe we’ll see a few familiar faces.) That promo THAT A GIRL DORTHY! *time for a Storybrooke bucket and fire brigade.*
Giving this esp 8 messenger doves out of a flock of ten.
Cheers & hugs, Ash 🙂



Patty Mouro (Sage of Earth)

Dear Bill and Ann Marie.

This week I decided to give the episode  700 Crushed Charming Heart out of 1000 Crushed Charming heart. This episode was really well done. I enjoyed  the acting, and the pacing of the episode. There was only one moment  that did have a negative impact on my rating which  was Henry  telling Emma that he was going to play Gameboy. The reason why I this line did affected  me so much that it took my attention away from the episode. Was because I find really difficult to believe that henry can even own a Gameboy.  I’ll admit I do play video game every once in a while. So in  2012 it took me several weeks to find and purchase  The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy the video game that came out in 2006.  I cannot  imagine how long it would take  to find a Gameboy system that came out in 1989.   If one is looking through the main stream stores the best one can do is to purchase a Gameboy Advance in GameStop, and Gameboy Color in These are later
edition to the Gameboy handheld system they are not the original which is what I would assume Henry own. Only way one can purchase a Gameboy is in EBay, or in a pawn shop.

I would like to say that Henry probably purchased it in one of the shop in town , but he didn’t show any interest in playing video games in season 1 and 2.  I find it unlikely that he owned the system in that season.  Now if he did purchased it during the missing year, it would been incredibly difficult to locate, and it would been easier for Emma to buy him a Nintendo 3ds, or Sony PS Vista.  At the  same time he could have received the game system when he came to town, but  the only known  location  that this transaction could have occurred is in Gold’s shop. If that was the case I can imagine Belle given Henry the system for free in order to better connect to him especially  after she learned that rumple was enslaved by Wicked Witch, and Neal had passed away.   Since this didn’t happened, I am going to assume  he didn’t receive it here. Don’t misunderstand me, I love the fact that Henry  is a gamer, but I felt that him owning that system left to many
pointless questions open.

Outside of this moment I felt the rest of episode was pretty good. I am sorry Bill, but my favorite moment was  Emma telling Hook that she no longer trusted him after she learned about the curse that was placed on him. Honestly Hook falling for the Wicked Witch threat was the single most stupidest descision any character has made so far this season. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the people who Emma loves is already endangered, and nothing that Hook could do will be able to change that fact.  At least when Mary Margret hired Zelena, she can at least say that she was being naïve, but Hook doesn’t have that excuse. He knows what Wicked Witch  is capable of, and what her plans were, but he continued to keep it a secret. It for that reason why I agree with Emma that he did lose their trust by committing this action.   Outside of this I wonder if Mary Margret does have the ability to perform magic, since Glenda thought she was a witch. What do
you guys think?


Patty Mouro
(Sage of Earth)


Michael Lucero

Dear Bill & Anne Marie,
I kind of think this episode was the weakest one in a while, in terms of writing. I didn’t notice it at all while watching, but looking back on it, all the plot threads just seemed to unravel. I did think they did some neat things, such as having the curse broken by Regina instead of Emma, paralleling the original curse in that the enemy (or at least former enemy in this case) of the caster was the one who breaks it.
However, there were sooo many problems. I don’t know if the writers just don’t see it, or don’t care, or just hope we won’t notice. For example, the whole curse recast. It was made plain that the Dark Curse cast here is the same one Regina originally cast. A main aspect of that curse, in fact the whole reason Regina cast it (from her perspective) was that it took away happy endings and made them lose their memories. Yet that conveniently seemed not to apply at all this time, were it not for Zelena. Also, they made a big deal out of “dead is dead” a while ago, but I guess that doesn’t apply to main characters. At this point, any time a character dies in this show, I don’t believe it’ll last. As for splitting the hearts, it seems like every time we see a heart plot point, the rules for how that works are different. Now someone else’s heart, even if only part of it, can bring back the dead!? They basically have all the plot & writing problems of a bad comic book series. Anything tragic can potentially be undone, without reference to any of the show’s rules, just because, hey, magic! And… am I getting this right, or did our main characters just kill Aurora, Philip, the Wizard of Oz, some dwarfs, and Little John, and no one even mentioned that fact!?
OK, well, looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Love the podcast as always, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this season ends. Thanks,
Michael Lucero


Victoria W. Via Facebook

Nice episode for Regina, I enjoyed her scenes and nice twist that she broke the curse and the charming family casted it. Love the show but a few things bothered me… are we ignoring the whole spot on snows heart thing from when she killed Cora? Because she had no problems going through that pure heart door. Also, when the flying monkeys attacked and the heroes started shooting, I was thinking oh now, they are killing their friends! ….p.s. Neal Cassidy, the bird whisperer 


Annemarie Davelaar

Hi Annemarie and Bill,

I am sorry for being all over the place. My thoughts just won’t straighten out.

I love the round table scene. Seeing Grumpy and his fun one liners as well as  Regina wondering why Robin is still there. This is the Once I love.
It is great to see Regina happy with Robin.
Glinda! Good witch of the south in the North, too funny.
The book, the book, it’s all about the book.
Henry is finally getting to the point of being done with all the lying. Will he finally remember? I have been saying for weeks now that I want Henry back.
Aaaaand he remembers, before auntie takes him.
I was yelling at the TV when Snow was saying they needed to enact the curse. This was not a twist I saw coming, but we know charming is in Storybrooke.
Seriously! Snow killed charming and than she split her heart. This is getting way too complicated.

And may I say, NEIL DID IT!

This episode is definitely having me come out of my chair. Lots of things going on and answers given to a few of our questions.

Annemarie Davelaar


Chris Tipton

This episode was far beyond epic. It is my favorite of the entire series. I love Regina and Robin in ef, they’re snark was great, and so much kissing in sb haha. Aurora and Phillip are now monkeys. Glinda was super hot but underutilized. Snoe casting the curse brings the show full circle, as does Regina breaking the curse, qnd henry getting his belief from the book. Glad Neal sent the letter and potion. Does Snows belief make the book appear? Did her belief “write” the book? Also footwear is the 2nd most powerful magic xD and all i have left to say is.. Rumple Bumple. Infinite/100 luscious lips. Oh my sweet lord this episode was so amazing i could talk about it forever!! Can’t wait for the Podcast!!!


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